The Handyguys Podcast - Working Together on that Honey Do List Home Energy Savings Tool tests

Led Bulbs

LED Bulb

LED bulbs are the next generation of “green” lighting technology. The Handyguys talk about how LED Bulbs compare to CFLs and whether they are really friendly to the environment. What is an LED bulb? LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LEDs have been around for a long time but only recently have become effective in […]

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How to Unclog a Toilet

Toilet Auger

In the latest episode The Handyguys discuss several ways to unclog a toilet. Yes, you can use a typical plunger if you have a clogged toilet. It works most of the time. What do you do if the plunger fails? Don’t despair, try one of the other techniques discussed in this video. Plungers A plunger […]

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E15 Ethanol Mandate

Ethanol Mandate Corn Pump

The Handyguys talk about ethanol mandates with Institute for Energy Research expert Daniel Simmons. We discuss the negative impacts of ethanol on our vehicles, small engines, the environment and food supplies. Background on Ethanol Mandate The Federal government mandated certain ethanol production increases for 2013 and beyond. That additional production of ethanol additive led the […]

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Hammer Drills: When to use them and why?

Rotary Hammer Drill

A Hammer drill, when equipped with a masonry bit, are designed for drilling into stone, concrete, brick or mortar. When a hammer drill operates it rotates like a normal drill as well as has a forward, hammering, type action. Watch or Listen to The Handyguys discuss when and why to use them. Types of hammer drills You can buy a […]

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Ipe Deck Maintenance

Ipe deck after cleaning & oil

In this episode of The Handyguys podcast The Handyguys discuss Ipe Deck Maintenance, how to clean it and keep it looking awesome. Ipe Deck Maintenance Brian’s Ipe deck looked great when it was complete. Eighteen months later is was looking a bit dirty. The wood was still in perfect condition, no checking, no splits or splinters, […]

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Toolbox Choices

Soft ToolBag toolbox choices

There are hundreds of toolbox choices on the market. The Handyguys discuss the big and small, soft and hard, tool specific or generic toolbox choices in this video. Toolbox Choices Small Portable toolboxes These types of toolboxes are very common when you only need to carry around a few small tools. The Handyguys like their […]

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Smoke alarm no smoke – What to do

Smoke detector no smoke

It doesn’t happen too often but it CAN happen – smoke alarm no smoke. Yes, your smoke alarm can go off when there is no smoke. One possibility is dust. Smoke alarm no smoke The Handyguys discuss how to deal with a Smoke alarm no smoke situation cause by dust.

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Installing a faucet and water filter

Pfister faucet install

Installing a faucet and water filter doesn’t need to be hard, in this new video from The Handyguys we show you the basic steps to installing a faucet and water filter. Installing a new kitchen Faucet In this video The Handyguys install the new Pfister Pasadena Kitchen faucet featuring: Install Tool included two-function spray-head integrated flexible supply […]

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Garage Cabinets & Garage Organization

The Handyguys Studio

Garage Organization Handyguy Brian’s garage a disaster, he has a mix of recycled cabinets, home-made shelving, pegboard and cheap, rusty metal shelves. In this episode The Handyguys discuss garage organization and show off their new set. Redline Garage Organization offerings Here are a few of the advantages of using Redline’s Garage Organization offerings discussed in this video: These […]

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Electric Snowblowers

Electric Snowblower

In this episode The Handyguys try out electric snowblowers, discuss advantages of electric versus gas snowblowers, and why they may be the right tool for a homeowner and why they might not be the right tool for some people. Electric Snowblowers – Advantages Always start No need to store gas Lightweight Easy to store Electric […]

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Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffer Girl

The Handyguys discuss inexpensive home improvement stocking stuffers, for the handyguy or handygal in your life, in this new video. Brian Suggests these home improvement stocking stuffers 6-in-1 screwdriver – Not the 11 in 1 or 32 in 1 or 945973495 in 1 screwdrivers. Keep it simple and get the 6 in 1 screwdriver that has 1/4″ […]

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Wired Networking


Wired networking has been around a long time and has progressed through many topologies and technologies. The Handyguys discuss the advantages of wired networking, when to use wired networking and what the pieces of a complete solution look like. Components of a wired networking solution Hub or switch The hub or switch is the central component of […]

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Selecting Pneumatic Nailers

Nailer Compressor Combo Kit

In this show The Handyguys discuss selecting pneumatic nailers also known as nail guns. Nail Gun Choices Below is a listing of different nail guns from small to large to specialty, this list will help you in Selecting Pneumatic Nailers. Pin Nailers 23 gauge pin nailers are the smallest of the lot. They are used when […]

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Announcing Handyguys 2012/13 Season with Home Improvement Videos

The Handyguys in their new studio

Moving to Home Improvement Videos and Youtube Then Handyguys Podcast is now moving primarily to a video format. To get all of our latest content and to see our home improvement videos, please subscribe to our youtube channel.  We will begin uploading new content in the next week or so and have already filmed 5 new […]

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Where have The Handyguys been?

Handyguys Video

Handyguy Videos Over the past year the Handyguys have been busy making videos for Frost King . You can find all of those videos on their site where all of them are listed.  One video Handyguy Paul really likes is posted below. In the video, Handyguy Brian is working hard to get a new threshold installed on a home […]

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How to install a custom closet shelf system

Closet System

In this video podcast Handyguy Paul tackles building a custom closet shelf system. This system is from and it worked out great in this walk-in closet. What does Paul’s wife think about the custom closet? Read her thoughts and watch HER video on her blog, Musings of a Housewife. Make sure you subscribe, there will be […]

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Drought Lawn Care

Dormant Grass

Over 70% of the country has been classified as abnormally dry, or worse. What about the oasis in your own backyard? Lawn Care Do’s and Don’ts During a Drought DON’T Water your lawn at night. Grass left wet overnight, or for long periods of time, can encourage fungal diseases that cause discoloration. Water in the early morning so your […]

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Building an Azek Cellular PVC Deck

Cellular PVC Deck Design Considerations

In this audio podcast The Handyguys discuss Building an Azek Cellular PVC Deck. The Handyguys discuss when to DIY and when not to DIY, design considerations, choosing a contractor and materials selection. To DIY or not to DIY a Cellular PVC Deck Handyguy Paul decided not to DIY this Cellular PVC Deck. Listen to the podcast […]

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When to prime before painting

Prime This

A Primer on When to Prime Much of the cost of a paint job actually comes from the labor, that is why it is important to know when to prime. When having a repainting job done, it involves scraping the old paint, priming – spot priming or priming the entire surface – and then painting. […]

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Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

Handyguys Brian and Paul bring in HVAC (Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning) expert and the co-owner of Interstate Air Conditioning and Heating, Raymond Kishk, to talk about energy efficient air conditioning systems. This information will help you choose an energy efficient air conditioning system and keep your current unit running efficiently. Invest in Energy Efficient Air Conditioning with Higher […]

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Chainsaw Safety

Chainsaw Safety

The Handyguys discuss chainsaw safety in this audio podcast. If you rent, borrow or buy a chainsaw you will still need to be aware of proper chainsaw safety. In the summer many areas are effected by thunderstorms, in the late summer and fall some contend with hurricanes, others tornadoes and may need to put a chainsaw to use for cleanup […]

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Planting Grass Seed, Strategies for Success

Perfect Lawn

While planting and growing grass is not difficult–I once heard that it could be planted on concrete–there are strategies for successfully planting grass seed to ensure the most success. Listen to this audio podcast to hear the discussion about all these topics. When planting grass, you have several decisions to make: When is the best time […]

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Preventing wood rot on door jambs and deck posts

Jamb just prior to wood rot

On this episode, Handyguy Paul brings two topics to the podcast pertaining preventing wood rot and to wood and ground contact. Preventing Wood Rot on Door Jambs Paul asks Handyguy Brian about the best way to deal with rotting door jambs and in particular the garage door jambs.  Brian discusses this problem in general as it relates to any […]

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GE Side by Side Refrigerator Water and Ice Dispenser Problem

GE Refrigerator ice-maker repair video

When I joined forces with Brian to create the Handyguys Podcast I had no idea that so many subjects for future posts existed in my kitchen. The newest is a water and ice dispenser problem with my GE side by side.  My dishwasher problems (and fixes!) keep this site busy. My GE side-by-side refrigerator is now in a competition with […]

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Mailbox post choices

spindigger mailbox post

The Handyguys, Paul and Brian, discuss your mailbox post options in this podcast. Before you dig a hole in your lawn, or get a chinook helicopter to remove your old post (as Handyguy Paul playfully suggests), it’s best to know what choices you have when it comes to choosing a Mailbox Posts. Basically, you want […]

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Mower maintenance and tips for a better lawn

Mower maintenance includes blade sharpening

The Handyguys interview Mike Ballou,  product Manager for John Deere, and discuss Mower maintenance and the best way to care for your lawn. Mower maintenance Proper mower maintenance is critical for having a healthy green  lawn.  Do not begin this new mowing season without changing the oil, sharpening your blades, lubing the joints and checking […]

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