Leviton Z Wave Switch Set-Up (Video)

In this episode, Handyguys Brian and Paul set up the Leviton Z Wave switch in order to expand the home automation in their house. This set-up allows you to use any bulb for home automation rather than a specific smart bulb. The Handyguys configure this set-up in Handyguy Paul’s dining room.

The Leviton Z Wave Switch

Handyguy Brian wired the Leviton Z Wave switch in Handyguy Paul’s dining room for him. This switch will control a chandelier that has 6 bulbs, and the switch is approximately $30-50, much less than smart bulbs. The Handyguys do not show the wiring for the Leviton Z Wave switch in this video. This wiring can get a little tricky, so if you are unsure, make sure to ask a professional electrician for help.

Set-Up for the Leviton Z Wave Switch

In order to configure the switch, go into your SmartThings app on your smart phone device. First, search for devices through the app and press the pad of your Leviton Z Wave switch once. When found, choose to add a room in the app, and name the room according to your choosing. In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul name the device “dining room” as the switch is in Handyguy Paul’s dining room. After confirming the paired device and naming the room, you can add a new routine such as “turn the dining room on” or “turn the dining room off.” This routine will allow the homeowner to instruct their Amazon Echo Dot as they please. You are also able to make the routines complex by adding multiple rooms into a routine. Homeowners are also able to use dimmers with the switch.

In the next video, Handyguys Brian and Paul will show how to add the Leviton Z Wave switch to the Amazon Echo Dot. This configuration is an example of the many products with which homeowners can use home automation.

Amazon Echo dot

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