Moving Out of a Smart Home

Before selling our home last year, a realtor told us our home would qualify as a smart home because of all the technology installed. “Smart” additions included Lutron Caseta light switches in our basement to turn off lights by voice command or app, an Echobee thermostat for remote temperature control, and an app-based video camera for the driveway so we knew when package deliveries arrived. We also used Google Echo Dots around the house to set alarms, ask silly questions, and broadcast messages like a two-way radio. If you have them in two different rooms, try saying “Broadcast Good Morning.” … Continue reading Moving Out of a Smart Home

Selling Your House During a Global Pandemic

When we (Handyguy Brian and his wife, Sarah) decided to sell our house last year and started prepping it to show, we, like the rest of the world, didn’t realize our dreams might get delayed just a bit in the Spring of 2020. We cleaned out our closets, took a ton of trips to the landfill, painted, re-carpeted, landscaped and had it all ready to go. And then the world shut down. Admittedly for our own benefit but who could have guessed? Despite it all, we had a very helpful realtor who managed to squeeze in filming a professional video … Continue reading Selling Your House During a Global Pandemic