Selling Your House During a Global Pandemic

When we (Handyguy Brian and his wife, Sarah) decided to sell our house last year and started prepping it to show, we, like the rest of the world, didn’t realize our dreams might get delayed just a bit in the Spring of 2020.

We cleaned out our closets, took a ton of trips to the landfill, painted, re-carpeted, landscaped and had it all ready to go. And then the world shut down. Admittedly for our own benefit but who could have guessed? Despite it all, we had a very helpful realtor who managed to squeeze in filming a professional video of our home before the state mandated a complete shut-down due to COVID-19. We thought we would get a couple of inquiries from the video. I am sure it was helpful, but things didn’t really change until couples could come back in and see the house with their realtor and their face masks. Then, we got an offer in only a week and half. More on that to come since we are still in the process of inspections, appraisals and other steps in the process to close on it and find our dream home with more land in the mountains of Tennessee.

The Handyguys did a previous post and video on Curb Appeal that you might enjoy if you are trying to sell your house this year. In fact, I’ll share the video again here but starting with clean front door and entry-way is a great place to begin.

Did you know Rust-Oleum has a great door paint too? Fade & chip resistant. Check it out to get started on a great home project while you have the time!

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