Selling Your House During a Global Pandemic

When we (Handyguy Brian and his wife, Sarah) decided to sell our house last year and started prepping it to show, we, like the rest of the world, didn’t realize our dreams might get delayed just a bit in the Spring of 2020. We cleaned out our closets, took a ton of trips to the landfill, painted, re-carpeted, landscaped and had it all ready to go. And then the world shut down. Admittedly for our own benefit but who could have guessed? Despite it all, we had a very helpful realtor who managed to squeeze in filming a professional video … Continue reading Selling Your House During a Global Pandemic

East Coast Earthquake Safety Tips

Earthquake Safety Tips There was an earthquake on the east coast today (8-23-2011) which prevented the Handyguys from delivering their weekly audio webcast. It is not completely uncommon for earthquakes to hit the mid-atlantic states*, including our own Pennsylvania, so we decided to feature important east cost earthquake safety tips: When building shakes, run immediately for exits.  Scream if able. Panic. Drive around city looking for new cracks in the road. Add to traffic gridlock. Call every family member and tie up cell phone network for hours. Go home from work early to see if loved ones felt the quake. Bring local commerce to halt (see #2 … Continue reading East Coast Earthquake Safety Tips