A DIY custom closet – Build Your Own Custom Closet

Custom Closet DIY Do it YourSelf Custom Handyman Closet

There are many custom closet companies eager to install a quick and easy (if not expensive) closet system for storing all of your belongings. I decided to save some money by building DIY custom closet using the modern marvel called melamine. This is the same material that most custom closet manufacturers use and it is available at your local home center. Be sure to look for the 15 3/4″ wide variety with pre-drilled holes. I will provide more pictures of the finished project when it is complete. For a basic DIY design of a custom closet, check out Gary Katz ‘s article.

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2 thoughts on “A DIY custom closet – Build Your Own Custom Closet

  1. This is great! I have been wanting to purchase and install those expensive systems from Ikea, but now that i know that a simple joe like me can create and install them myself, I know what my next project will be!
    Seriously, thanks guys for creating such an awesome home improvement site!

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