Load of Ipe for Brian's Deck

Replacing Water Heater Expansion Tanks and Ipe Decking

In this audio episode of The Handyguys Podcast, Paul continues his discussion about his leaky hot water heater and Brian reveals what material he chose for his deck project.

Temperature and Pressure T&P Valves and Expansion tanks

Replace water heater expansion tank
Water Heater, T&P Valve, Expansion Tank

Water heaters all have Temperature and Pressure (T&P) valves, many also have expansion tanks. When a T&P valve leaks, there is a good chance that the expansion tank has failed. Paul presents a simple method for checking your expansion tank to prevent future water leakage. Your expansion tank may not need to be replaced, just recharged. Paul tells us how he recharged his in the podcast.

Ipe Decking

Water heater expansion tank tutorial
Ipe decking ready to be installed

Brian discusses why he chose Ipe for his deck material, including costs and installation considerations. Ipe is a premium, natural, renewable deck material that is harvested mostly in Brazil and other tropical regions of South America. If you decide to go with Ipe make sure it is responsibly harvested (FSC Certified). Ipe can last, by some reports, 40 years without treatment and 100 years with some maintenance. It is fire resistant, rot resistant, termite resistant and mold resistant! Listen to the podcast for discussion about why Brian chose it.

Check out podcast for further details.

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