Husqvarna’s North American R&D Facility in Charlotte, NC part 1

The Handyguys Test Husqvarna Tools at their North American R&D facility.


We just got back from visiting Husqvarna and had an adventure playing with power tools and riding the rapids at the U.S. National Whitewater Center. We hacked away at trees (already dead), brush and grass with Husqvarna chain saws, mowers, trimmers and other specialty outdoor products.

Husqvarna provided the proper safety gear for our in-the-field testing. Brian is seen here adjusting  his protective mask with integrated ear protection.  Those are chainsaw chaps covering his Handyguys work pants.  They protect his legs from an out-of-control chainsaw blade. As you can see from the video above, both Brian and Paul have full control of those saws.

The Husqvarna R&D facility was full of outdoor power equipment.  We were fortunate to have the opportunity to see it both in the showroom

and on the field.

Did you know that Husqvarna also makes Poulan, Weedeater and Dixon? You have several colors to choose from!  We did not get a chance to play with these brands in the field…outside everything was Husqvarna orange.

We came away impressed at the power and design of both the residential and commercial product line of Husqvarna. Paul had a blast giving this hover trimmer a workout on the corporate park turf. The hover trimmer does not float like you may expect; it requires some force to move it around. However, it does work on steep hills which is much safer then using a push mower. It is probably not for the typical home owner but rather for the large landscaper or greens keeper.

The hedge trimmers were so powerful, they could cut right through a fence!  Great for escaping from prison…

We plan to share some more information about our favorite Husqvarna tools in a future podcast.  Also, look for the short video we have produced of this visit.

Note: This is a text, photo and youtube only post from the Handyguys. There is no audio podcast.

DISCLOSURE: Husqvarna provided  all travel expenses so that  The Handyguys could give these tools a workout. Please use proper safety gear and follow all instructions when operating any dangerous power or non-powered tools.

Also, we got this cool hat.  Don’t you like the Husqvarna hats?

2 thoughts on “Husqvarna’s North American R&D Facility in Charlotte, NC part 1

  1. Hello Handyguys,
    I would like to buy the orange Husqvarna cap (imaged above)
    could you ship to Australia.
    Many thanks
    Johan Candor

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