Dust Collection and Resiential Sprinkler Systems

How should the do-it-yourselfer handle dust?

When the handyman moves inside to cut and sand wood, a major hazard exists with all the dust that is accumulated in the air and potentially in your lungs.  The Handyguys talk about how to control dust from ruining your day and potentially your life.

In order to protect yourself from dust, consider these strategies:

  • Take into account the dust created by a tool before you use it.
  • Purchase tools which incorporate dust collection as part of the tool design.
  • Install a dedicated dust collector and an air cleaner.
  • Work outside.
  • Wear respirator.

The Handyguys discuss these tips and their own dust collection and mitigation strategies in this episode.

sawdust in regards to dust collection and safety

Residential Sprinkler Systems

The Handyguys discuss a somewhat controversial issue regarding residential fire suppression systems or sprinkler systems. The controversy isn’t regarding the benefits of such a system, since yes, they do save lives and property. The controversy is if governments should require them to be installed in new construction or major remodels.

Handyguy Brian thinks it should be an individual’s choice and such an expensive option should not be mandated. Pennsylvania recently repealed the requirement after only a few months in effect. In times when builders are hurting for business and customers are trying to save every dollar they can, it’s not wise to put additional costs on the industry. Listen to the discussion.

Typical utility room configuration from a residential sprinkler system install
Typical utility room configuration from a residential sprinkler system install

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6 thoughts on “Dust Collection and Resiential Sprinkler Systems

  1. my buddys dad had bad respitory problems when he got old. its important to wear a mask when working with wood and dust!

  2. Amazing article handyguys . Thanks for these important tips for protection against dust. But i want to know what’s the dedicated dust collector , i haven’t heard of something like that before???

  3. Now that I have retired, I had a 10 x 12 work room built in the corner of the backyard. I work a lot with the band saw and scroll saw and to say the less, there is a lot of dust. How would I install a dedicated dust collector. Do you have a suggestion how I could design one?


    1. There are a lot of choices for dedicated dust collectors. It depends on your budget. I have one from Grizzly tool similar to this one Paul has a Delta like this one
      Things to consider is capacity, number of tools that can be in use at one, if you will move the dust collector or have it fixed and pipe to the tool.

      I don’t know how to DIY make your own. I have heard people discuss how to modify a HarborFreight dust collector (cheap) to perform well. I believe the trick with the cheap collector is to modify the ports and add finer bags. Some google searches may help you find that info. Here is one HF mod

      Good luck

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