Smart Thermostats: What You Need to Know

large smart thermostat hanging on a white wall.

Looking to upgrade to a smart thermostat in your home? With a variety of options to consider, it can be challenging to decide which model is right for you and your space. Watch as home maintenance experts The Handyguys discuss some common features of smart thermostats and what to look out for when purchasing this new technology.

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2 thoughts on “Smart Thermostats: What You Need to Know

  1. Hey guys!

    Looking for some advice on setting up my Bose SoundTouch 700 below my TV with some space in between- goal is to get the floating look (similar to how you set up with Sonos in an earlier video). The problem I am running into is that the bracket sold by Bose separately doesn’t give much room to install the power unit behind the wall. The only options I see are placing it directly underneath the TV attached or leaving it as is on the console.

    Any advice you may have would be deeply appreciated! Thank you very much

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