Streaming Music to Onkyo Receiver with Chromecast Built-in


In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul talk about the benefits of using the Onkyo Receiver. They use the Google Home app and a Google Home device to stream music to an Onkyo TX-8270 Stereo Receiver. The Onkyo Receiver is just one other way that you can incorporate smart home features into your home sound system.

How It Works

The receiver has Chromecast built into it as well as the technology to stream music right to the box from a Google Home technology. However, Handyguy Paul explains the you do not need a Google Home device to stream to the Onkyo receiver. Rather, you are able to control the receiver from the Google Home application on your phone.

Setting It Up

You are able to name the receiver whatever suite your needs from the app on your smart home device (bedroom receiver, living room receiver, basement receiver etc.). For the purposes of this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul name the receiver “Onkyo Receiver” on their device.

Using Your Onkyo Receiver

Just as you would a Google Home, you instruct your smart phone application to cast music onto the Onkyo Receiver. The receiver will then know how to switch to its net input, which can be a streaming option such as Pandora or Chromecast. In this video, Onkyo stutters a little in the beginning when casted to, but then smoothly casts your choice onto speakers or your TV.

You are able to control the music choice and loudness from the application on your smart phone. You are also able to do all control the Onkyo and casting capabilities with an official Google Home Device.

The Onkyo Receiver with built in Chromecast is just one way to add in smart capabilities to your house. Stay tuned for more tips on how to add in smart capabilities to your home from Handyguys Brian and Paul.

8 thoughts on “Streaming Music to Onkyo Receiver with Chromecast Built-in

  1. I have an onkyo tx-nr686 with chromecast built-in. Your article and onkyo’s info talk about audio streaming through it’s chromecast built-in but not about audio/video streaming. Does Onkyo’s Chromecast Built-in handle video and audio ?

  2. I also have a TX-NR686 and I was told by the salesman that you can cast video through WiFi. I wish Onkyo had some instructions on how to set this up. If anyone knows where the documentation is for this can you post a link?

    1. The salesperson was incorrect (or unknowledgeable) as the Chromecast-Built-In is only for casting audio.

  3. Is anyone able to chromecast to Onkyo receiver (TX-NR676 for me) after the April 2019 firmware update? It broke chromecast for me, and I’m trying to verify if there is any way to make it work again.

    1. It’s actually an absence of firmware update. The chromecast on the nr676 does not talk to contemporary chromecast devices. I wrote a little zeroconf script in python that let me see all the devices on my network and the Onkyo is there, just talking to itself.

      Unfortunately, Onkyo appear to be the absolute worst at non-audio hardware and software, down to having an open webserver on port 80 you can use to upload firmware. I posted a demo of changing the firmware to replace we’ve instance of “onkyo” with “hackd” on onkyo’s forums and got zip for reaction.

  4. Thanks for this guys.

    I was trying to work out what the “built in chromecast” meant. It just means:

    * The Chromecast Audio device that used to be built in. The title should be “Chromecast audio built in”.

    I see it turns the input over which is cool. A Chromecast Audio device can’t do this. It was so dumb Google killed the Chromecast Audio.

    “Chromecast built in” doesn’t mean:

    * Chromecast Video: So no casting from the receiver to a video input (tip plug an actual Chromecast into the receiver).

    * Google Assistant: There are no Mics so you can’t talk to the Receiver directly. Pioneer’s “Works with Google Assistant” is so misleading.

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