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In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul check in on Lutron Caseta and Google Home compatibility. The Handyguys have been exploring the Lutron Caseta system and all of its benefits for the home owner. The Handyguys have checked the compatibility of other home automation devices with the Google Home as well as the Amazon Alexa.

Is The Lutron Caseta System Compatible With Google Home Capabilities?

The Handyguys not only want to know if the Google Home is compatible with the lighting but also if it compatible with various scene settings. In this video, Handyguy Brian asks Google to set the scene to watch a movie. The Google Home Mini then turns on the watch movie scene as previously set by The Handyguys through the Lutron Caseta app.

You can also ask the Google Home to turn on basement lights by asking it to activate and deactivate a certain lighting unit. The Lutron Caseta and Google Home are able to dim your lights to a certain percentage if need be. However, the Lutron Caseta dims better with old incandescent bulbs than with LED bulbs.

Handygus Brian finishes the video by saying that he actually uses the functions that Lutron Caseta and Google Home integration have to offer. Stay tuned for more from The Handyguys involving the Lutron Caseta system and all of its features.

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