Soft ToolBag toolbox choices

Toolbox Choices

There are hundreds of toolbox choices on the market. The Handyguys discuss the big and small, soft and hard, tool specific or generic toolbox choices in this video.

Toolbox Choices

Small Portable toolboxes

These types of toolboxes are very common when you only need to carry around a few small tools. The Handyguys like their Bucket Boss system for carry tools to the job but they also find use for a ‘normal’ small toolbox.

Bucket Boss Toolbox ChoicesSmall Toolbox Choices

Tool specific toolboxes

Blow-mold tool specific tool cases are loved or hated. Many people will discard them, others can’t live without them. Both Handyguy Brian and Handyguy Paul keep these tool specific tool cases around for when they need to protect the tool during transport.

Soft toolbox choices

Some tools come with soft cases but you can also buy soft sided toolboxes. Soft sided toolboxes are lighter and easier to pack in the trunk of a car. There are tons of sizes, styles, colors and features. Click on the picture to see a bunch of them.

Soft ToolBag toolbox choices

Large toolbox choices

As your tool collection grows or as the complexity of the project dictates a more varied tool collection, it may be nice to have one large, rolling tool kit that contains all the tools needed for the job. Just be careful. Some rolling toolboxes can be TOO big. Make sure it fits in the trunk of your car if needed or that you can actually lift it when its full.

Mobile Chest Toolbox Choices

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5 thoughts on “Toolbox Choices

  1. Hi thanks for the post iv’e found that i have 5 different tool boxes all with different bits of tools in. I started off with a small tool box and gradually progressed to bigger and bigger ones. Now i wanna buy just one tool box for my tool and scrap the rest as they take up too much space. I’m looking at buying a new one your post will help me choose what one to buy thanks

  2. Great video guys! I use an older Craftsman tool box, that holds hammers, screwdrivers, a wrench, and various other doo dads, but I have been thinking about upgrading for a while.
    Great job.

  3. Your Video was amazing for me..

    I too have toolbox but some tools in my tool case are missing.. I am searching for new safety tool case so i cant miss.. Yours is so nice.. I prefer to buy one from Handyguy..

  4. I just inherited a 3rd generation Craftsmen belt from my grandfather and I’m telling you, they don’t make them like that anymore. Love the toolbox video and the entire HandyGuys podcast. Keep up the good work.

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