Restoring Factory Defaults in Lutron Caseta Smart Light Switches

When we moved out of our house last year, we chose to leave behind the Lutron Caseta Smart Light Switches installed throughout the basement.

These switches allowed us to connect our lighting choices to our Google home device to be able to say things like “Hey, Google, turn on basement lights” or “Hey, Google, turn on ‘watch movie’ ” which would direct all the lights to go out except the left and right wall sconces that would dim to the perfect amount of light. Even more helpful, when one of us would leave a light on in the far corner of the basement, we could simply press the switch at the top of the stairs and all lights would go out. We could also control them on an app on our phones or on our laptops.

Then, we sold the house and had to figure out how to leave the whole system so the new homeowners would be able to tie these switches to apps on their phones and computers not ours. It took some digging but here are the steps we found to do the trick. The steps are easy and you can move through them quickly in less than 5 minutes.

  1. Open the Lutron app on your phone or computer. If you have these light switches and never took the time to create an account to use them digitally, you might not need to do anything but if you want to make sure, you can download the app now and set them up by creating a new account as indicated starting in Step 8 below and then un-set starting with Step 1 to make sure. You only need steps 1-7 to remove yourself. Start by clicking on ‘wheel” icon in top left corner to open ‘Settings”.
Lutron Caseta App Home Page

2. Within “Settings,” select “Account”.

Caseta App Settings

3. Within “Account”, select “Edit Account” — “Change your account password.”

Lutron Caseta App Account Settings

4. You will be prompted to enter your login information to make these changes.

5. Create a new password.

6. Change your email.

7. You should get this message. “Your account has been updated.” Now you can walk away.

8. If you want to regain access or someone else new to your home needs to get set-up in the app, they would start here. Go to the homescreen on Lutron app and click “Get Started.”

9. You will be prompted to “Install Devices”.

10. Create a new account with the email and password for the new user.

11. Follow these steps with the hardware shown below. Plug the Caseta Bridge into a power outlet and the WiFi router.

12. Tap the button on the Bridge as shown below.

13. You should see the blue wheel below indicating that the bridge is “Discovering your Lutron system”.

14. The next message should indicate that “Your Lutron System is ready!”

15. Press the button on the back of the bridge a second time.

16. You will receive the following message: “This Lutron system has another account. Would you like to remove the old account? Other users will need to sign into the new account.” Select “Confirm.”

17. Name your home and select “Next”.

18. You will be asked “Allow Lutron to access this device’s location?” Select first option: “Allow only while using this app.”

19. Make sure you are in the right time zone.

20. Now you can have some fun playing around with setting scenes and schedules for your needs.

And, there you have it. If you have additional questions, you can always check support out information on the Caseta Wireless website.

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  1. I have spent two weeks on my dishwasher 30 minute clean video. What was failed to mention in the video was that a smaller tork screw driver is needed to remove the chopper, thus, I have a very stripped screw, and I’ve tried everything!

    I saw someone comment about this on that old video, sure wish I had seen it before! I’m stuck, stuck, STUCK!!!!!

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