Adding Multiple Users To Your Google Home Device (Video)

Google Home is great but what if you have multiple users with different Google accounts who want to use the device?

In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul explain how to add multiple Google Home users to their home audio device. In previous videos, Handyguyus Brian and Paul set up a Home as well as the Amazon Alexa. They also explore various home automation tips and home casting using the Chromecast, Chromecast TV, and Chromecast Ultra.

At the beginning of the video, Handyguy Paul asks what his name is and the Home responds, correctly identifying the voice that is speaking. Handyguys Paul then guides viewers through the process by which to have the Google Home recognize a voice.

Adding Multiple Users To Your Google Home

First, you need to sync the Google Home app on your smartphone with the appropriate Home. Open the application on your phone. The app will most likely ask to be connected to your Home, but if not, go into settings. After this, go into shared devices, add a device, and have the app find your Google Home nearby. Select the appropriate Home that you want to connect.

The app will then have you “teach the assistant how to recognize your voice.” The app will give you a list of phrases such as “ok Google” and “hey Google” in order to learn your voice. You can then test your Google Home device by saying “ok Google, what is my name.” The device should then be able to learn your name based on the previous tests.

Adding Other Users

To add other users, you can send an invite via e-mail. This will prompt you to use a sharing app that is absolutely secure. When the second user opens the e-mail invite, the e-mail will ask you to install the app. Proceed to install the app, add the appropriate Google Home device, and follow the above steps.

One snag that the Handyguys did want users to be aware of is that you should have all other applications closed throughout this process.

Adding multiple users to your smart Google Home device is easy and simple. Stay tuned for other Handyguys videos for helpful home improvement tips.

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