Control Leviton Z Wave Switch with Amazon Echo Dot

In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul show homeowners how to connect their Leviton Z Wave switch to an Amazon Echo Dot. In the previous videos, The Handyguys unboxed and setup the Leviton Z Wave switch in Handyguy Paul’s dining room and connected the switch to the SmartThings Hub. The next step would be to connect to the Leviton Z Wave switch to the Amazon Echo Dot in order to configure the home automation.

Setup of the Leviton Z Wave, SmartThings Hub, and Amazon Echo Dot

In order to connect the SmartThings Hub with the Amazon Echo Dot, open the Dot setting and discover devices. Next, discover all of the routines programmed into the SmartThings Hub in the previous video. You can then instruct the Amazon Echo Dot with all the previous routines that were programmed. The Handyguys found that the Dot worked immediately to turn the lights on and off. In addition, the Dot was able to dim the lights with much ease. While the Amazon Echo Dot can turn the Leviton Z Wave switch on and off as well as dim the light, you are also still able to use the actual switch and dimmer to control the light fixture.

The Handyguys show that this process and configuration is very simple and the Leviton Z Wave switch is the way to go. Make sure when installing the switch that you are comfortable with the wiring or hire a professional electrician who is. The Leviton Z Wave switch and SmartThing Hub is an easy way to bring your house into the home automation era.

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