Bolt Cutters and Their Uses

In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul discussed why the typical homeowner would need bolt cutters. Handyguy Paul mentioned that he has had his tool for around 16 years, and that it has lasted well all these years.

Handyguy Paul stated that bolt cutters are most useful for wire shelving. While a homeowner could have wire shelving cut at the store, this is can be tedious, time consuming, and costly. A bolt cutter allows the homeowner to cut their wire shelving as needed and to the size they need. In addition, other cutting tools may take too much time and may require more effort.

Another use for these tools is to open locks and padlocks. The Handyguys have not compared how these bolt cutters compare across various locks and padlocks. However, Handyguy Paul has used the bolt cutter to remove a typical locker room lock. Handyguy Paul stated that it took him about 10 seconds to cut through the lock. Other, more durable locks would most likely take more effort.

One other use for the bolt cutter is through heavy duty steel. Handyguy Brian pointed out that he used bolt cutters to cut the hardened steel when rehabbing a 1920s swing set. A final use for the bolt cutter is to cut all thread. Handyguy Brian cautions that bolt cutters can crush all thread. Homeowners should be careful when engaging in this use of the bolt cutter. Overall, bolt cutters are useful for the homeowner that has heavy duty projects.

Example of a Bolt Cutter
Example of a Bolt Cutter

6 thoughts on “Bolt Cutters and Their Uses

  1. Thanks for the video. Actually, I need a bolt cutter but I don’t have any idea. Would you kindly recommend me your best choice?

  2. I just purchased a ratchet bolt cutter and cannot figure out how to open the jaws. It is stuck in the cut position with the jaws totally closed. It is a workpro 24 ” #1252269. I see nothing online to see how to open jaws and there were no instructions. Can you help?

  3. Help!! My husband just recently passed way and I need to ask you if I can use bolt cutters to cut a bolt & nut set that the ‘wings’ have come off the nut? My basement drain is overflowing from there and I was going to use a ‘snake’ to see if I could unplug it, but the previous owners must have broken the nut wings as there is nothing left for me to grip to unscrew. Why didn’t this happen when my sweetie was still alive???

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