How to Mount Tablo DVR to Wall Panel

In this video, the Handyguys review how Handyguy Paul mounted his Tablo DVR and hard drive to his simple low voltage structured cabling system using plywood mounted onto concrete foundation wall. This is a great solution for the cord cutters out there. The Tablo is a very simple over-the-air (OTA) DVR recording system that can stream your live and recorded shows to your set top boxes from Roku, Apple, Amazon Fire, and Google or your mobile devices. Mounting the Tablo has allowed for less clutter and wiring on the table surrounding. Use this technique to make more room in your workspace.

How To Mount the Tablo DVR

First, Handyguys Paul found a couple of strips of 1×1 wood around the house. These can also be bought from your local big box store. Next, cut the strips to about 6-8 inches and mount them to the wall by putting screws into them. Make sure that there is enough space between the strips to mount your Tablo DVR, but that it’s not too tight. If the space between the wood strips is too tight, this could damage your hardware. In this video, Handyguy Paul also mounted his hard drive. He placed the hard drive between the wood strips and then sat the Tablo DVR on top. He ensured that the Tablo would not fall by clamping one of the cords.

This technique allows you to mount the Tablo DVR in a way that allows for easy troubleshooting if anything goes wrong. This also keeps the Tablo DVR off the table and out of the way so that your workspace can be more efficiently used.

Handyguy Paul and his mounted Tablo DVR.
Handyguy Paul and his mounted Tablo DVR.

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