Google Home Setup Part 2 – Google Home Troubleshooting

In the last video, Handyguys Brian and Paul went over the initial setup of the Google Home Device. In this video, The Handyguys will go over Google Home troubleshooting in order for the owner to have a more efficient experience.

Google Home Troubleshooting

After initially setting up the Google Home on your smart phone device, the device will continue on teaching you how to use the device. The downloaded application will tell you to ask a question to the Home in order to set it up. The Google Home has the capability to answer simple as well as more complicated questions. For example, Google Home can give you daily updates on the weather and news locally, nationally, as well as internationally. You can always stop the device simply by telling it to stop.

What the Google Home Can Do

Like the Amazon Echo, the Google Home can also play music from different applications on your smart phone device such as YouTube, Google Music, Apple Music, and Spotify. You can sync the applications to play from playlists on your individual account. In addition, you can ask the Google Home device what it is able to do, and it will explain all the different ways it can help you. Furthermore, you can connect the Google home to your TV and tell the Google Home to connect to play different shows from different applications. You can also can manage devices from your phone and the Google Home.

The Google Home is a good home audio device that is generally easy to use and can make your home more connected. It is important to spend some time to do Google Home troubleshooting before you start using your device.

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