Google Home Setup Part 1

In the last video, The Handyguys unboxed a Google Home device and installed the application needed to control this new home audio device. In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul go through the initial Google Home Setup. In a later video, The Handyguys will go over how to troubleshoot the device in case of it not working.

Google Home Setup

First, you need to plug in the Google Home and wait for it to boot up. Next for Google Home setup, open the application on your device. Make sure that when you install the Google Home app, that you have downloaded the latest version. This will also periodically update the device itself in order for you to have the most up to date version of Google Home. Accept the terms and conditions in the application, and then go ahead and look for devices. The application will then take you through the steps necessary to set up the Google Home device for your home.

The device will then play a test sound to confirm that you have connected to the application on your smart phone device. Indicate that you have heard the sound. You can then select the room that the Google Home will be housed in. For example, you can indicate that the Home is in the front yard, the back yard, basement, or you can even customize the room. In this video, the Handyguys indicate that the Google Home is in their studio. The application will then ask for wifi credentials, and you can then add your Google account to personalize the device.

Device Features

The Google Home can integrate with other applications such as Google Music, YouTube Music, and Spotify. As previously mentioned, automatic updates are included on the device. The application will then take you on a tour of the device and teach you how to property use it.

The Google Home device is compatible with many other handy home devices such as home automation. The Home is just one more way that you are able to connect your home in a more efficient manner.

Google Home Initial Setup

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