Chromecast Audio Setup Part 1

In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul begin to setup a Chromecast Audio. In the previous episode, The Handyguys unboxed this device and gave a brief overview as to what it does. The Chromecast Audio is a small square device that has the ability to cast audio. In the next few episodes, The Handyguys will further expand on the Chromecast Audio. They will also teach viewers how to use the Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast as well.

Chromecast Audio logistics

The Chromecast Audio is powered through a USB chord that can either be plugged into a device or can be plugged into a wall adapter. The Audio also comes with an aux chord that should connect to whichever device it is casting onto. You must also have access to wifi as well as the latest version of the Google Home application in order to use the Chromecast Audio. After you have installed the Google Home application, you must find the audio device that you wish to cast onto. If your desired device does not show up automatically in the application, then click on the triple dots in the corner and choose a device.

Troubleshooting and Setup

The application will then initiate a test sound to ensure that the Audio is synced with your audio device of choice. Continue in the app, and accept the terms and conditions screen that will appear. The application will then ask if you want to allow for guest mode. Guest mode is a feature of the Chromecast Audio that allows individuals to cast without being on your wifi network. You can also disable this feature.

Finally, connect to the network as well as your Google account in order to stay aware of when your software needs an update. The application will finally switch to the cast buddy that will teach you how to cast. In each streaming function on your smart phone device, there should be a cast button that allows you to cast from the sound application on your phone, through the Chromecast Audio, to the audio speaker of choice.

In the next video, The Handyguys will teach users how to cast video on their device. Stay tuned for more tips and tutorials on Google and Chromecast devices.

Chromecast Audio

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