Home Audio Devices: Google Home and Amazon Echo Dot

In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul introduce two home audio devices: the Google Home & an Amazon Echo Dot. Both of these devices have various functions, some of which may apply to the homeowner. Over the next few videos, Handyguys Brian and Paul will compare and contrast these two home audio devices particularly as they relate to home automation.

Home Audio Device Comparison

At a basic level, both home audio devices can function as speakers for music devices. In addition, both devices can answer questions and tell jokes; however, the Google Home is better for answering trivial things such as how many miles it is to the moon. Both home audio devices can also connect to their respective music services and can upload songs from your phone to a certain point.

One difference between the two devices is that the Amazon Echo Dot connects via auxiliary cord while the Google Home must be casted wirelessly to each device. The Amazon Echo Dot is more compatible with Amazon products such as the Amazon Fire whereas the Google Home does not connect with Google products as easily. Finally, it is easier to order things from the Amazon Echo Dot than it is from the Google home as the device is connected straight to your Amazon account.

Usefulness for a Homeowner

In terms of home ownership, are these home audio devices necessary? The Handyguys will look into the usefulness of home audio devices from a homeowner standpoint over the next few episodes. In this episode, they give an overview of the usefulness of the tools. At a basic level though, the devices can do basic math for the homeowner when they are working around the house. However, these home audio devices have greater use than basic math. These devices have the capability to interface with home automation tools. Stay tuned to learn whether home audio devices are essential for the homeowner.

Photo of the Amazon Echo Dot

One thought on “Home Audio Devices: Google Home and Amazon Echo Dot

  1. The problem for the Echo and Dot is the foundation difference. Google built theirs based on inference and NOT commands. So with Google Home you just talk naturally and say what you want. Wife can say it one way and I a completely different way and get the same result.

    We have had the Echo since it was launched and now have several of the Google Homes. We keep the Echo in the kitchen and then Google Homes in our bedroom and then the kids have their in their bedrooms.

    My fav feature right now is the ability to stay warm under the covers and control the TV. Just started working last week without me adding a skill or anything.

    Actually wife discoverd when watching a movie and kid walked into our room. Not sure if she was joking as she now does in situation that Google Home is NOT available. So like sitting at a traffic light she will say “hey google change light green”. She said “hey google pause” and the movie paused. When kid left she said “hey google rewind” and it went back some set amount.

    The Echo is a great piece of technology but the Google Home is just different as it seems to have more of a brain inside.

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