Google Home and Philips Hue Setup

In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul attempt to connect the Google Home with Philips Hue. In the previous video, Handyguys Brian and Paul go through the process to set up the Philips Hue home automation. They realized that connecting the Philips Hue to the Amazon Echo Dot (Alexa) went smoothly. However, The Handyguys had trouble when trying to tell Alexa to change the colors for the LED lights.

Connecting the Google Home with Philips Hue

Once your Philips Hue Bridge is set up, go to the home control setting for the Google Home and add smart devices. The app will then ask you which smart devices that you want to connect. Press the pair button within the Google Home app and then the link button on the Philips Hue in order to start your home automation process from your device. Within the Google Home app, you are able to assign rooms to the different lights as well as group various pairing under one room.

Effectiveness of the Google Home with Home Automation

The Google Home app will then explain to you how to control the lights. While the Amazon Echo Dot did the same, The Handyguys still had difficulty when instructing Alexa to affect certain lights. On the Google Home app, you can change scenes and colors on lights easily. On the Amazon Echo Dot, The Handyguys had trouble changing scenes and colors. In addition, you can change the brightness of the connected lights and also turn on and off lights. There were some inconsistencies in the changing of the brightness at the beginning, but eventually the Google Home obeyed all requests by The Handyguys.

Overall, both home audio devices connected the the Philips Hue home automation fairly easily. They were also both able to change the brightness on the lights and turn the lights on and off fairly easily. However, Google Home was better for controlling the lights in terms of color and scenes much better than the Amazon Echo Dot.

Photo of a Philips Starter Kit

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