Amazon Echo Dot and Philips Hue Setup

In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul attempt to integrate the Amazon Echo Dot (Alexa) with the Philips hue bridge and LED lightbulbs. First, the Handyguys show homeowners how to configure the Philips hue bridge. They then attempt to connect it to the home audio device. The Philips hue bridge and LED bulbs are just one of many ways that the homeowner is able to connect home audio devices with home automation

Setting up the Philips Hue Bridge

Handyguys Brian and Paul purchased the Philips starter kit which includes a hue bridge, 3 light bulbs, an ethernet cable, a power supply, and instructions. The Handyguys use the Philips starter kit as a simple set up before attempting to connect the Amazon Echo Dot to a more complex home automation.

Handyguys Brian and Paul start by setting up the Philips hue bridge and lightbulbs. The  box comes with instructions that explain the Philips set-up in 3 steps and 12 different languages. First, power on a light source and turn on any wall switches. Following this, plug in the Philips hue bridge to a power source and connect it to a router with the ethernet cable. Finally, download the hue app on your phone and follow instructions from there. The hue bridge will then recognize the lightbulbs that are to be connected.

Once you have finished these steps, the app will automatically recognize that there is a Philips hue bridge in the vicinity and will ask to connect. Press the link button on the bridge and make sure to keep the device updated to prevent hacking. You can then name the lights in the system within the app with your own names. In addition, you are able to create scenes and change the colors of the moods with the Philips app. This is a useful feature for those homeowners who travel and like to put lights on timers.

Setting up Home Automation on the Amazon Echo Dot

After setting up the Philips starter kit, Handyguys Brian and Paul try to connect the Philips hue bridge with the Amazon Echo Dot. Connecting the Philips hue bridge is easy. However, Handyguys Brian and Paul initially had difficulty telling the Amazon Echo Dot to turn off the lights by name. You can fix this problem by going to and editing Alexa’s setting to create groups and names as you want them to be spoken.

One problem that The Handyguys could not solve on the show was changing the scenes and colors for the lights via Alexa. Even after searching online, The Handyguys realized that this is a common problem amongst other users. You can set the brightness and turn the lights on and off.

Photo of a Philips Starter Kit

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