Chromecast Audio and Google Home Integration

In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul explore how to cast from the Google Home device onto their studio jobsite radio. The Chromecast Audio is a casting device. This device allows an individual to cast audio from an application on their smart device onto an audio device of choice. This is part of a larger series of videos exploring how to use the Google Home and Chromecast devices.

Changing the Audio name in the Application

In the previous video, the manufacturing ID named the Chromecast Audio. Handyguys Brian and Paul change the manufacturing name to be reflective of where the Chromecast Audio is located in their house. You can change the name of the Audio by going into devices of the Google Home application and choosing the Chromecast. You can then click on the chosen device, delete the name, and rename it. For the purposes of this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul rename the Chromecast to “Shop Radio”. This is the device that the Chromecast is casting onto in the Handyguys studio.

Google Home Integration with Chromecast

After this, Handyguy Brian then asks the Google Home to play music on the shop speakers. An individual can easily cast from the Google Home to the Chromecast Audio via voice command. You are also able to ask the Google Home to turn down the music and stop at any time. Furthermore, if you are familiar with the audio levels of the Google Home, you can instruct the Chromecast Audio. The levels range from 1-11.

Therefore, the Chromecast Audio is a useful device in casting audio from a smart device or the Google Home onto your home audio speaker. In the next videos, The Handyguys will unbox and explore home to use the Chromecast. Stay tuned for more handy tips on Google and Chromecast devices.

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