Using Google Home and Chromecast To Play Videos On Your TV

In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul use Chromecast and the Google Home to cast a Handyguys video onto a TV. In the past few episodes, Handyguys Brian and Paul have been exploring the home improvement benefits that can come through the Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa. They have also  successfully installed home automation between the Google Home or Alexa and other devices. Before attempting to cast a video onto your TV, you must sync and name the TV with your Google Home and Chromecast device. Watch The Handyguys’ video on Chromecast TV for step by step instruction!

Using Google Home to Cast a Video Onto Your TV

Handyguys Brian and Paul attempted to have the Chromecast cast a Handyguys show onto the TV in the Handyguys studio. Handyguy Brian then instructs the Google Home to play the Handyguys YouTube on the TV. The device then casts the video onto the studio TV since that is the only TV synced to the Google Home. If one had multiple TVs synced with the Google Home, they may have to name each TV so that these process would work seamlessly.

The Chromecast is an incredibly useful tool that homeowners should consider investing in for their home automation needs.

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