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We explain how to maintain an IPE deck so that it keeps its rich color. We have discussed IPE deck maintenance before but wanted to provide an update on Brian’s 4 year old Deck.

Annual Ipe deck maintenance is a two step process – Clean and then Oil

Step 1 – Cleaning your Ipe deck

You will clean your Ipe deck with the following mixture

  • 3 Quarts of warm water
  • 1 quart of bleach
  • 1 cup TSP

You can reduce the bleach (cut in half) if you do not have mold or darkened old oil finish.

Use a deck scrub brush to apply the cleaning solution, let it soak in and scrub a bit more. You can rinse with a garden hose or with a pressure washer. A pressure washer will reduce the time you spend with the scrub brush but you run the risk of damaging the deck with too much pressure.

You must give you deck a really good rinse. You don’t want any residual soap.

Let the deck dry for a couple days.

Step 2 – Oil your Ipe Deck

Oiling the deck will bring back the color, make the wood grain ‘pop’ and make it look really awesome gain.

Handyguy Brian has tried a few different products. The product used in this video is from Penofin.

Penofin for Ipe deck maintenence

Handyguy Brian has also used “Ipe Oil

IpeOil for Ipe Deck maintenance

You can apply the oil with a brush, roller or sprayer. Brian like a large brush that can attach to a pole so he can avoid bending over.

Apply oil to Ipe Deck for annual ipe deck maintenance

Follow the manufactures directions. You oil then wipe off extra within about 30 minutes. if its hot or you are in direct sun it may be less than 30 mins. Do not let the extra oil get tacky or dry, wipe it off.

Thanks for watching and enjoy your deck! Remember, this clean/oil process will be yearly if you want your Ipe deck to not look gray.

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Need appliance parts? Just enter a part or model number:

The Handyguys discuss the repair of the newer frost free style of exterior faucet / hosebib / sillcock. A great Spring project!

1) Identify the make model

Does your Exterior Faucet need a Repair? You will need to get an Exterior Faucet Repair kit for the specific brand and style faucet you have. Look for the manufacturer on the side, top or on the handle, if you are lucky you will find a model number too. Armed with the right information you can then search Amazon for the correct repair kit.

2) Order the Parts

Order the repair kit from Amazon. While you are there, add a few other items to your cart to get free shipping if you are cheap like The Handyguys.

3) Replace everything

If the Of course, turn off the water BEFORE you attempt an exterior faucet repair! Disassemble the faucet and swap the old parts for the new parts in the kit. We recommend just swapping everything they give you in the kit. If one washer is bad its likely another O ring will be bad soon. Don’t worry if you have extra parts, many kits have parts for different models.

Exterior Faucet Repair kit example

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Need appliance parts? Just enter a part or model number:

What Blade To Use With Reciprocating Saw / Sawzall

Cutting with the Sawzall

Brian explains that there is only one blade that you need for demolition. Watch the show to learn about demolition blades for reciprocating saws. Demolition blades for reciprocating saws A reciprocating saw is not a tool for fine detail work. Its used for quick cuts and for demolition. Usually demolition. Don’t use it for fine carpentry. […]

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How To Install Dog Door on Exterior Door

Brian drills through his exterior door

Handyguy Brian installs a Dog Door on his exterior door on the back of his house. This is a fairly easy install but it always makes you nervous cutting into an external door. Brian installed a Hale pet door. They are in limited supply at Amazon but there are many other options. You can get Pet […]

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How to Clean Rusty and Dirty Tools

Restore Rusty Tools

The Handyguys clean up some old tools to get them working again. Remove Rust, Grim and Dirt from some old hand tools. Note: No products were provided for the Handyguys for this review. We purchased them on our own and you may find some items, such as bar keepers friend, right in your kitchen. here […]

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Preparing Your House For Vacation

vacation prep

Cheap methods for protection you property from criminals and destruction while you are away on vacation.

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The best air compressor for your nailers

best air compressor

What is the best air compressor for your nailers? There is a lot of jargon, CFM, gallons, PSI. We cut through the crap and picked what The Handyguys feel is the best air compressor for an average handyguy or gal. Best Air Compressor The Makita MAC700 is lightweight, quiet and will handle most nailing jobs an […]

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Headlight Lens Restoration

Headlight Lens Restoration

Over time the headlights on your car or Handyguy Hauler may not shine at full brightness. The lenses may need restoration. The Handyguys produced a video comparing a commercial product for headlight lens restoration and tried an oft mentioned DIY hack for headlight lens restoration. Commercial Headlight Lens Restoration There are many product that a […]

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How to Choose Security Lighting

Video thumbnail for youtube video How to Choose Security Lighting

Security lighting is an inexpensive way to upgrade your homes safety and curb appeal. In this video we discuss How to Choose Security Lighting. The key to home security lighting is that it has motion sensing abilities AND dusk to dawn. You dont want your home security lighting coming on during the day and also […]

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How to Organize your Home Network Wiring

Video thumbnail for youtube video How to Organize your Home Network Wiring

In today’s modern house we often have many different bits of low voltage network or video cables. Getting them organized makes for easy troubleshooting and allows for changes and easy upgrades. Watch this video on How to Organize your Home Network Wiring. One key thing for your home networking cable runs will be a patch panel. […]

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Repair Flat Tire riding lawn mower or Wheelbarrow

Video thumbnail for youtube video Repair Flat Tire riding lawn mower or Wheelbarrow

The tire on your wheelbarrow, lawn tractor, snow blower or other piece of equipment goes flat. How do you repair a flat tire on riding lawn mower? If its not obviously punctured, and if you can get air into i,t you may be able to get back to work quickly. Repair a Flat Tire video Repair a Flat […]

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How to Operate a Drill

Operate a drill

I know it seems like a basic thing but we have been asked how to use all the settings on a basic power drill. Check out what the Handyguys have to say about how to operate a drill. Speed, torque, clutch and gears are discussed. Drill Speed Generally, the larger the bit the slower you […]

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Electric Dog Fence Collar Options


The Handyguys received several questions about dog fence collar options in response to our video on installing an invisible electric dog fence. The collar is certainly the most important aspect of the project and will drive the selection of the DIY kit you choose. Watch the video as The Handyguys discuss a few choices. Other options are […]

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How to store your snow blower for the summer – snow blower storage tips.

STA-BIL 22264 Ethanol Treatment with Performance Improver -10 oz.

Snow Blower Storage The key thing with snow blower storage has to do with the fuel. Almost all fuel now contains ethanol and ethanol is a killer on small engines. Follow these steps for snow blower storage and you will be good to go next winter. Option 1 for snow blower storage The BEST option, run […]

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Gas Can Replacement Spout

gas can replacement spout

The Handyguys found a gas can replacement spout that actually works! Most gas cans come with terrible spouts. This is often because of the nanny state mandates such as C.A.R.B. (California Air Resources Board). The idea is we improve air quality by having a spout on your gas can that automatically closes. The government doesn’t think […]

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How to Remove Carpet Staples video

Remove carpet staples

The Handyguys show you how to remove carpet staples the easy way in this video If you just need to remove one or two staples then really any old method will work. What if you are trying to remove hundreds or even thousands? It can take a long long time. Use the technique that Paul […]

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House Water Pressure Adjustment Video

House Water Pressure

Is your house water pressure too high or too low? It may be simple to adjust it. Watch this video by Handyguy Paul on how to adjust your house water pressure. When your house water pressure is too high it can cause issues with water heater expansion tanks, appliances, toilets and faucets. Water pressure that […]

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Pet Doors Install Video

pet doors install video

Pet doors are easy to install, watch this video to see how to do it. ) In this video the Handyguys install a pet door into a hollow core door. You determine the location, cut the hole and install the door. Yes, it’s that simple, even our camera guy Phil could do it! Phil is […]

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Tape measure selection and calibration video

tape measure

In this Handyguys video we discuss tape measure selection and calibration Tape Measure Selection You have a lot of choices, big and small, long and short, wide and skinny. Wide Tape Measures Wide tapes have a great benefit. The “standout” is how far out can the tape extend before collapsing. Usually the wider the tape […]

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Watch Free TV Video

free tv

Watch free TV, yes really for FREE. If you want the absolutely best quality picture quality you can get it for free. All you need is a basic antenna. What this video to get the details. Free TV Picture Quality One of the best aspects of free tv (other than free) is the HighDef picture […]

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Gas Oven Won’t Light DIY Repair Video

gas oven won't light

Your gas oven won’t light, what do you do? In this Handyguys video we do a fairly simple repair and saved big dollars! What part do I need to fix my gas oven won’t light issue? People call this part many different things such as Hot Surface igniter Burner igniter Igniter Starter The part wasn’t expensive […]

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Duluth Christmas Box – Cold Weather DIY

Duluth Trading Co and The Handyguys

Normally The Handyguys spend this time of year recommending gifts for the handy person in your life. We love to demonstrate tools or other household products and gadgets that fit in the stocking. This year we focus on clothing for the weekend warrior who wants to continue working on their cold weather DIY projects! Duluth Trading […]

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Deck Lighting questions answered

Deck Lighting

Deck Lighting questions answered In this video the Handyguys answer some fan questions about deck lighting. What is best, CFL, LED, Halogen, Incandescent? Does it really matter? What about low voltage? The Handyguys love their low voltage systems. Watch the video to find out what is important in deck lighting.

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How to clean out a Garage


Below is an article from our friends at Zillow. We know all our fans expect to see video with each post so The Handyguys decided to make a video showing some before and after of our messy, then clean (sort of), garages. Check out the article below and enjoy the video. Tips for Cleaning Out […]

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What bits for Makita Impact Drivers

Makita Gold Impact Driver Bits

Disclosure: Post and giveaway sponsored by Makita, but all opinions are The Handyguys. Please see below for additional disclosure. Impact Drivers Impact Drivers are very cool tools. They are perfect for driving screws, a lot of screws. You can also use them for driving lag bolts, tightening or loosening nuts and other jobs around the […]

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What is the Best Dishwasher Detergent video

Best Dishwasher Detergent

In this video the Handyguys discuss dishwasher detergent and why dishes often don’t get clean. We have received a lot of feedback on our video about fixing a dishwasher that wont clean dishes and for many (too many) people the issue is a poor design of the dishwasher. Exacerbating the issue is the fact that most dishwasher […]

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