The Handyguys - Working Together on that Honey Do List Home Energy Savings Tool tests

In this video, the Handyguys review how Handyguy Paul mounted his Tablo DVR and hard drive to his simple low voltage structured cabling system using plywood mounted onto concrete foundation wall. This is a great solution for the cord cutters out there. The Tablo is a very simple over the air (OTA) DVR recording system that can stream your live and recorded shows to your set top boxes from Roku, Apple, Amazon Fire, and Google or your mobile devices. Mounting the Tablo has allowed for less clutter and wiring on the table surrounding. Use this technique to make more room in your workspace.

How To Mount the Tablo DVR

First, Handyguys Paul found a couple of strips of 1×1 wood around the house. These can also be bought from your local big box store. Next, cut the strips to about 6-8 inches and mount them to the wall by putting screws into them. Make sure that there is enough space between the strips to mount your Tablo DVR, but that it’s not too tight. If the space between the wood strips is too tight, this could damage your hardware. In this video, Handyguy Paul also mounted his hard drive. He placed the hard drive between the wood strips and then sat the Tablo DVR on top. He ensured that the Tablo would not fall by clamping one of the cords.

This technique allows you to mount the Tablo DVR in a way that allows for easy troubleshooting if anything goes wrong. This also keeps the Tablo DVR off the table and out of the way so that your workspace can be more efficiently used.

Handyguy Paul and his mounted Tablo DVR.

Handyguy Paul and his mounted Tablo DVR.


In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul talk about the benefits of using LED Shop Lights over fluorescent lighting. While these lights may be more expensive than the fluorescent lighting, they are better quality and worth every cent. All of the products in this video are available through Amazon and the affiliate stores.

LED Lights

Shop lights are an important component of every workspace. In this video, these lights are all aluminum and assembled in the USA, but more importantly, these lights are all LED. The lights specifically in this video are Lights of America LED Shop Lights that Handyguy Paul has purchased.

LED Lights vs. Fluorescent Lights

LED Shop Lights do not break easily unlike fluorescent lights. They are also much lighter and brighter than fluorescent lights. These are great lights for working with those small pieces in your workspace or filming a video because they don’t have that irritating background hum that fluorescent lights have. These lights are also very reliable and last for up to 50,000 hours.

The LED Lights in this video were about $40 for 2 which is more than the typical fluorescent lights. However, these lights are more durable and are better quality than any shop fluorescent lighting. LED shop lights are a great replacement for the traditional fluorescent workshop lighting.


LED Shop Lights

LED Shop Lights

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Honda vs Generac Inverter Quiet Generator

Generac Inverter Generator

In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul compare the Honda inverter generator and the Generac inverter generator. These two brands are reputable and make a great quiet generator. However, the two brands also have small differences that the Handyguys expand on. An inverter generator is a lighter weight and quiet generator. They typically have 2000 start-up watts […]

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How to Order Emerson’s Custom Ceiling Fan

Emerson Ceiling Fan. Custom ceiling fan.

  In this video, The Handyguys explore the custom ceiling fan function that Emerson provides on their website. The Handyguys take us through the process of choosing and ordering a ceiling fan from Emerson, and speak highly of the quality and service received from the manufacturer. One must go to and choose the “Design Your […]

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Generator selection thoughts by The Handyguys

Inverter Generator

In this video the Handyguys discuss generator differences and focus on  inverter generators. If you only need to power a refrigerator for a brief power outage then a portable generator may be your best bet. if you need your entire house to be powered during an outage then you will want a whole house generator. Portable generators have […]

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Choosing a Cordless Tool System with Radio

Bosch Radio

In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul discuss which radio is best if you are looking to invest in a cordless tool system. Buying a cordless tool system is a big investment, so making sure that all the features are compatible with what you want is crucial. Handyguy Brian contends that the radio of a […]

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Ceiling Fan Selection

How To Select a Ceiling Fan

The Handyguys take a look at selecting a ceiling fan and review typical parts of any fan. It is helpful to understand all the parts to a fan before you make your purchase. There are various controllers, down rods, motors and blades to consider in addition to the light kits that you can attach. Ceiling […]

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Curb Appeal Tips Video

Curb appeal tips video

In this Handyguys video, Brian and Paul discuss a few tips for improving the curb appeal of your home. If you are selling your home, these tips are essential to make your home seem more inviting and appealing. Also, if you just want things to look these tips can be very helpful. Considerations for Curb Appeal The […]

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Tablo DVR Front End Devices

Tablo DVR

Front End Devices Compatible with Tablo DVR In this episode, Handyguys Brian and Paul compare 3 different front end devices that are compatible with the Tablo DVR system. Tablo DVR is compatible with laptop, phone, and TV boxes. These are great options for the cord cutters out there who use over the air (OTA) TV […]

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Deck Boards for the Do-It-You-Selfer

groove on groove deck board

In this video, Handyguy Brian talks with Ray from Decks R Us about the best decks boards for do-it-yourselfers. For those people who want to install a deck by themselves, there are a multitude of deck boards that are accommodating to any DIY skill level. Groove on Groove Decking Ray suggests deck boards with a […]

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Lawn Mower Selection (Video)


Lawn Mower Selection: Push Mower vs. Ride Mower Mowing is a task for anyone who has a lawn. You have bought a home with a lawn. Should you get a push mower or a ride mower? In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul discuss lawn mower selection. Considerations for Lawn Mower Selection The biggest factor […]

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PVC and Vinyl Deck Cleaning (Video)

Deck Cleaners

Deck Cleaning Solutions for a PVC or Vinyl Deck In this video, Handyguy Paul talks with Ray from Decks R Us about how to clean PVC and vinyl deck products. Tough stains from pollen, dirt, or animals can be a pain to get out from a deck. With the right tools, home owners can easily […]

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The Latest Material for Decks (Video)

Clay Colored Composite Deck

Cellular PVC vs. Composite Decks In this video, Handyguy Brian talks about the latest trends in decks with Ray from Decks R Us. Finding the right decking material and knowing the difference between various trends is important for all homeowners with decks. Handyguy Brian and Ray begin by talking about Cellular PVC (CPVC) and vinyl decking. […]

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Antenna: Leaf vs Large Aerial Antenna (Video)

Mohu Leaf Antenna

Antennas for Cord Cutter: Leaf vs. Aerial In their last video, Handyguys Brian and Paul talked about how to get free over-the-air TV with the TabloTV DVR system. In this video, the Handyguys talk more about cord cutting in terms of the advantages and disadvantages between a Mohu Leaf and an aerial antenna. Handyguy Paul starts […]

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Tablo DVR for Cord Cutters (Video)

Tablo TV

Tablo DVR for Cord Cutters As the world moves into the digital age, cord cutting and digital TV are becoming far more popular. In a previous post, Handyguys Brian and Paul talked about cord cutters and over-the-air cable TV. However, the Handyguys did not discuss the DVR component. There are many ways where one can […]

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Dog Fence Wire and the Driveway (Video)

Underground Dog Fence

Getting an Underground Dog Fence Wire Around the Driveway In this post, Handyguy Paul gives tips on how to install an underground dog fence easily. Some people have issues getting the fence through or around the driveway. So, in this video, Handyguy Paul walks through all the steps. The first technique when installing an underground dog […]

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The Importance of a Good Tire Gauge! (Video)

Jaco Elite Pro Tire Gauge is easy and convenient to use.

A Good Quality Tire Gauge A cheap tire gauge can be very cost efficient but can get sticky or lose accuracy over time. Checking tire pressure is necessary on lawnmowers, cars, and even bikes. Therefore, it’s better to invest in a good quality tool for the every tire pressure need. Handyguys Brian and Paul suggest using […]

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Pliers: Klein Tools (Video)

Klein All-Purpose J2078CR Plier

Klein Tools J2078CR All-Purpose Pliers In this post, the Handyguys explain the benefits of using Klein Tools J2078CR All-Purpose Pliers with Crimpers. Handyguy Brian starts off by comparing how far electrician pliers have come since the 1950s. New pliers these days can be geared towards the next generation of professional electricians as well as amateur electricians. […]

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What Pneumatic Nailers To Use? (Video)

Flooring Nailer

In this video post, the Handyguys explain the differences between various pneumatic nailers and also when is best to use each one. Handyguys Brian and Paul additionally give tips on everyday house projects using a different pneumatic nailers for each.   Framing Nailer The Handyguys recommend that a framing nailer is best for finishing basements. […]

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Getting The Right Snow Blower (Video)

Getting the Right Snow Blower

The Homeowners’ Snow Blower In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul look at the benefits and issues with different types of snow blowers. Every winter, homeowners in colder areas have to deal with the issues of snowy driveways and walkways. The Handyguys break down the different types and benefits from each snow blower that a […]

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Water Heater Replacement (Video)

When to replace your water heater

When to Replace a Water Heater Water heaters are an energy intensive appliance. They are the second largest energy user in the home, and as they age they become less efficient, requiring even more energy. The Handyguys estimate the average water heater needs to be replaced every 10 to 12 years. However, just because your heater […]

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Best First Toolbox Combination (Video)


Yeah, many people have done a first toolbox post. The Handyguys are building a premium first toolbox. This first toolbox will include the top of the line tool for each category. Yeah, perhaps other brands or models could fit the bill but these are what The Handyguys used. You may have different choices. What did […]

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The Reliability of LED Bulbs (Video)

Are LED Bulbs Reliable? Blinking LED on Dimmers.

Blinking LED Bulbs In this post, the Handyguys talk about the differences in light bulbs, specifically LED bulbs. The Handyguys start off this video explaining that compact fluorescents are not the way to go when searching for the right light bulb. Compact fluorescents take a long time to warm up and typically have trouble working […]

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How to Repair an Underground Dog Fence

Fence Repair Kit

We talked about installing your own underground dog fence in the past but now we provide an overview of how to repair your underground fence when the wire gets cut (and it will eventually!). The wire provided in most DIY underground dog fences is not very strong so it is not difficult for you to develop […]

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Annual IPE deck Maintenance

Apply oil to Ipe Deck for annual ipe deck maintenance

We explain how to maintain an IPE deck so that it keeps its rich color. We have discussed IPE deck maintenance before but wanted to provide an update on Brian’s 4 year old Deck. Annual Ipe deck maintenance is a two step process – Clean and then Oil Step 1 – Cleaning your Ipe deck […]

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Frost Free Exterior Faucet Repair

Frost Free Exterior Faucet Repair

The Handyguys discuss the repair of the newer frost free style of exterior faucet / hosebib / sillcock. A great Spring project! 1) Identify the make model Does your Exterior Faucet need a Repair? You will need to get an Exterior Faucet Repair kit for the specific brand and style faucet you have. Look for the […]

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