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How to store your snow blower for the summer – snow blower storage tips.

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Snow Blower Storage

The key thing with snow blower storage has to do with the fuel. Almost all fuel now contains ethanol and ethanol is a killer on small engines. Follow these steps for snow blower storage and you will be good to go next winter.

STA-BIL 22264 Ethanol Treatment with Performance Improver -10 oz.Option 1 for snow blower storage

The BEST option, run the tank dry. Start the snow blower and just let it idle until it stalls. If you have a lot of fuel you will want to drain as much as possible first.

Option 2 for snow blower storage

The second best option, use a fuel stabilizer, start the snow blower then turn off the full shutoff valve and let it run until it stalls.

Option 3 for snow blower storage

The least desirable option (aside from doing nothing) would be to just use a fuel stabilizer and then cross your fingers until next winter.

Final Note

Check your owners manual or with the manufacturer to see what they recommend for storage and always use a fuel stabilizer.

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