Snow Blower Storage For Summer

The key thing with snow blower storage has to do with the fuel. Almost all fuel now contains ethanol and ethanol is a killer on small engines. In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul provide steps for storage of your snow blower. Follow these and you will be good to go next winter.

STA-BIL 22264 Ethanol Treatment with Performance Improver -10 oz.Options for Snow Blower Storage:

Option 1

The BEST option, run the tank dry. Start the snow blower and just let it idle until it stalls. If you have a lot of fuel, you will want to drain as much as possible first.

Option 2

The second best option, use a fuel stabilizer, start the snow blower then turn off the full shutoff valve and let it run until it stalls.

Option 3

The least desirable option (aside from doing nothing) would be to just use a fuel stabilizer and then cross your fingers until next winter.

Final Note

Check your owners manual or with the manufacturer to see what they recommend for storage and always use a fuel stabilizer.

10 thoughts on “Snow Blower Storage For Summer

  1. I drain the fuel from the tank by taking the hose off it with pliers, I then start up my blower and run it dry, tank off the float bowl and spray it with carb cleaner and the carb itself. The flat bowl in many snowblowers I have done this to has debris of some sort, Two had pin hole leaks in the float bowls.

    My Ariens is 37 years old and going strong. This may be more work, but it is guaranteed, and you know there is no junk in the float bowl.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I didn’t know fuel has a lot of effect to snow blowers. But are there things to do when storing snow blowers that are run by electric or battery instead of gas?

  3. Thanks for these tips, very useful. I can’t believe R.Hemy has been using his Ariens for 37 years, this is amazing!

  4. Yes she still start most of the time in 2 pulls, no primer on these old girls. had to replace the small o ring in the float bowl adjuster screw this year! Yep it was the original o ring….. amazing! I wax and change oil before summer stored… and of course Totally dry carb sprayed with carb cleaner. it Works!
    R. Hemy

  5. Honestly for my snowblower I use trufuel, or aspen. It’s ethanol free, stabilized, and it lasts for two years. My blower is used seldom so I can’t be bothered with fuel rotation and tank draining. It’s expensive but given the low usage it really doesn’t cost much.
    I,do the same thing with my chainsaw, and trimmer. “Canned” fuel.

    Now my mower is,used at least once a week so canned fuel is too expensive. During the cutting season I use premium ethonal free fuel with stabilizer.

    But for my last cut I drain the tank and fill it with trufuel or aspen. Best of both worlds.

    1. Yes, this is great advice. I now do the same with my chainsaws, snowblower and even my small portable generator. Luckily a place about half an hour away has ethanol free fuel now.

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