gas can replacement spout

Gas Can Replacement Spout

The Handyguys found a gas can replacement spout that actually works! Most gas cans come with terrible spouts. This is often because of the nanny state mandates such as C.A.R.B. (California Air Resources Board). The idea is that we improve air quality by having a spout on your gas can that automatically closes. The government doesn’t think we will put the cap on when not in use and that any evaporation is bad. To meet these nanny state regulations, manufacturers have tried several different types of gizmos to close the lid for us. The consequence is spouts that are hard to use, spill gas, leak and frustrate us.

Give us plain ole spouts!

The Handyguys found some. Check the video for the discussion.

Order a replacement spout for each of your cans,

gas can replacement spout
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One thought on “Gas Can Replacement Spout

  1. I have had multiple spills with sooo many motorcycle gas cans and these days trying to steal a few gallons from one vehicle to another out on a jobsite usually wastes more than you transfer! I am going to order a case to send out with my guys. Thanks ‘yall!!

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