Remove carpet staples

How to Remove Carpet Staples Video

The Handyguys show you how to remove carpet staples the easy way in this video

If you just need to remove one or two staples, then really any old method will work. What if you are trying to remove hundreds or even thousands? It can take a long long time. Use the technique that Paul shows and you can move along pretty quickly. ¬†All you need is a pair of these…

Remove carpet staples with the right tool

remove carpet staples with diagonal pliers
Use diagonal pliers to remove carpet staples. Click here for different options at Amazon.

Remove carpet staples

In the video, Brian and Paul race to see who can remove more staples most quickly. Paul uses the diagonal pliers and Brian uses a variety of other tools. Paul’s technique wins hands down.

2 thoughts on “How to Remove Carpet Staples Video

  1. In my line of work, I use alot of staple removers and this by far was an informative video and I guess I need to invest in 10 pair of electricians snips. Great information!!

  2. Usually I use the pliers as a ‘fulcrum’ and the screwdriver as the prybar often a two part operation. If the staple comes out on only one side then I still need to use the plier to pull it all the way out. When I’m working on this I slide(slid) around the floor on a small dolly!

    What I’m REALLY aching to discover is what exactly is between the carpets and the concrete floor slab(present home) so I can someday get washable “bare” floors with no carpets!

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