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House Water Pressure Adjustment Video

Is your water pressure in your house too high or too low? It may be simple to adjust it. Watch this video by Handyguy Paul on how to adjust your house water pressure. When your house water pressure is too high, it can cause issues with water heater expansion tanks, appliances, toilets and faucets. Water pressure that is too high can lead to leaks. If the water pressure is too low, it can take a long time to do laundry or dishes and be unpleasant to shower.

The ideal water pressure for a home is between 55 and 65 pounds per inch (PSI).

Use a simple gauge to test your pressure and adjust it yourself by following the instructions in this video. If you do not have a pressure regulator similar to the one in this video, you may need to call in a plumber. If you pressure is low from the city water supply, there isn’t too much you can do without adding pumps and storage tanks at a significant expense.

House Water Pressure Adjustment

House Water Pressure Gauge

You can get an inexpensive pressure gauge at Amazon. You attach the gauge to a hose bib as shown in the video.

House Water Pressure Gauge
House Water Pressure Gauge at Amazon

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  1. Thank you for this really informative video. It’s a very useful tips for basic plumbing indeed! Keep posting!

  2. Low water pressure has become big concern now a days and well, You describe the good details for increase low water pressure.

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