pet doors install video

Pet Doors Install Video

Pet doors are easy to install, watch this video to see how to do it.

In this video, the Handyguys install a pet door into a hollow core door. You determine the location, cut the hole and install the door. Yes, it’s that simple, even our camera guy Phil could do it! Phil is actually pretty handy but we had a bit of fun letting him do the project.

Where to install pet doors

In our video, we installed a pet door for a cat. The door was an interior door. The owner of the cat wanted the cat to always have access, through the pet door, to their litter box. Pet doors are also available in much larger styles and can provide access to the great outdoors. Determine how big or small of a door you need and then find one that works for you at Amazon.

One potential issue, if you install a pet door to the outside, is how to prevent unwanted critters from entering you house! If you have that concern, look for a pet door that has an electronic lock. Your pet wears a collar that activates the door. Raccoons, critters and strays stay out and your pet can come and go as they please.

Pet Doors at Amazon

Pet Doors

A pet door to the outside is an excellent compliment to an invisible fence. Check out our show on invisible fences.

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  1. I watched a show on some wildlife channel about cats and they said the same thing about pet doors and intruding cats. They installed the door and placed a collar on the cat’s neck with a sensor that locks and unlocks the door.

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