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Tape Measure Selection and Calibration Video

In this Handyguys video, we discuss tape measure selection and calibration.

Tape Measure Selection

You have a lot of choices, big and small, long and short, wide and skinny.

Wide Tape Measures

Wide tapes have a great benefit. The “standout” is how far out the tape can extend before collapsing. Usually the wider the tape  the longer the standout.

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Small Tape Measures

Small tapes are great for … wait for it … small projects. They easily fit into a pocket or tossed into the junk drawer in the kitchen.

Small Tape Measures at Amazon
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Long Tape Measures

When you really need to go the distance, you will need a long tape. Perhaps if you are building a huge deck, laying out a foundation, measuring for a fence or any other situation where a normal tape won’t reach. 100, 200 and even 400 foot lengths can be had.

long tape measures
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Tape Measure Calibration

Watch the video to learn how to calibrate your tape . This is especially important when you have two tapes in use on a project. There are often slight differences from one tape to another. You can bend the hook on the end slightly to make sure they both measure identically.

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  2. 100% agree with you on finding a tape measure that has a good, comfortable lock! Too many inexpensive tape measures have either a lock that won’t stay engaged, or one that is impossible to push into place with a single thumb.

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