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Watch Free TV Video

Watch free TV, yes really for FREE. If you want the absolutely best picture quality, you can get it for free. All you need is a basic antenna. What this video to get the details.

Free TV Picture Quality

One of the best aspects of free tv (other than free) is the HighDef picture quality is better than any paid tv service provider. The broadcasts are not compressed. The signals come to you over the air without any additional processing that could compromise picture quality.

Premium channels

What about (insert some show name here)? True, you wont get Disney, HBO or other paid TV channels with an antenna. Do you have Internet? Just get Netflix and something like a Roku box. That will get you 99% of anything else you may want to watch.

Antenna Selection

All you need is an antenna for free tv. Go to this site to determine what antenna you will need

Once you find what antenna you need for free tv, you can buy it from Amazon. Just click this link or the picture of the antenna below.
TV Antennas

free TV

Digital Video Recorder

I want a DVR! You can have that too! Listen to our older audio show Cutting The Cable And Saving Money and learn about MythTV for a DVR or you could use Tivo or a similar box to record your free TV.

Thanks for watching.

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