gas oven won't light

Gas Oven Won’t Light – DIY Repair Video

Your gas oven won’t light, what do you do? In this Handyguys video we do a fairly simple repair and saved big dollars!

What part do I need to fix my gas oven that won’t light?

People call this part as many different things such as

gas oven won't light

The part wasn’t expensive and our friends over at Repair Clinic have them in stock. Some will look a little different from this one depending on your make and model.  To make sure you get the correct part, just enter your model number in the search box at

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  1. There are two issues that can arise from your gas oven, and they are both easy to diagnose and resolve without professional appliance service repair. Either 1. The oven won’t light or 2. The burners won’t light. This video is a great DIY guide to replacing the igniter for the oven not lighting. If you need help with the burner, you should try cleaning the burner holes to remove gunk that could be the cause of the issue. Once the igniter is cleaned, try test it. If this still doesn’t not fix the problem, you either need to replace the igniter, the igniter switch or the igniter control module.

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks Anthony, maybe we do a burner troubleshooting video in the future. Some old styles may even still use a pilot light. We could perhaps even cover troubleshooting pilots that wont light or wont stay lit. I guess thats two new videos to add to the list.

    2. My inighter is red when I turn on oven but that’s it the gas part never lights so witch part is it that’s shot thanks phyl

  2. question rather than comment. i have a ge jgbs03ppw1wh stove range my oven pilot light is lit but the bar that lights up to heat the oven is not getting gas pumped into it. the top works fine. its a 21 year old stove and this is my first problem ever with it.

    1. It could be the thermocouple. On yours its part of an assembly called the Oven Safety Valve. Enter your model number in the parts search box below and scroll down until you find the part. If you have any hesitation about the install please call a professional. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

  3. Bought a new oven safety valve and my oven still won’t light. No gas pumping into the bar. IS my oven broke? Everything else still works. Pilot light, stove top.

  4. Also, since you have a pilot light. If the thermocouple connected to the safety valve is not installed correctly it wont work. I suspect you are very close to making this work. Ensure your thermocouple (the probe wire thingy) is exactly where the old one was.

  5. The wire is connected and positioned the same as the old one. i took pictures of step by step when I removed the old one to ensure I would place the new one exactly. Would the gas line hooked into valve go bad? It wouldn’t seem likely because I don’t smell any gas emmiting from anywhere strange.

    1. The gas line doesn’t go bad. If you have gas to the pilot and the top burners then its fine. Do the check in the video I mentioned in my earlier comment. You could have a defective safety valve. Repair clinic is great with returns/exchanges. Also, send me the pictures of the old and new one showing the thermocouple. email them to [email protected]

  6. Hi, I am fixing my stove,
    It don’t light up it is a gas oven
    With 5 years of use. The oven has been used twice. After a self cleaning
    It does not work any more. The igniter makes a sound when it starts

  7. I have a double oven and on the top oven the top burner does not light up. The bottom burner does light up. Whenever I bake something, the top of the item does not brown but the bottom part does. Can you tell me what is wrong with my oven. Thank you.

    1. I cant say for sure but if your top burner uses an ingnighter like the one in this video the repair would be similar. Below this post there is a parts search box, enter your model number there and see if you can find an ignighter for the top burner.

  8. Gentlemen,

    Last night my wife turned on the oven and it would not heat up after being on for more than 20 minutes.
    I am of the opinion that most appliance problems can be fixed by the homeowner, plus I like to save my money for other things.
    I went Googling and discovered your site. I watched the video about replacing an igniter and was all set to dive right in, but I decided to double check first. The igniter glowed and after a minute or two the oven lit and came up to temperature.
    Can you think of any reason the oven would not light one day but did light the next?
    We have a Kenmore model # 79071313703 it’s 6 years old. Thank you,


    1. Weird. I would still suspect a faulty igniter unless perhaps your power was out or something. Keep an eye on it, perhaps even order a new ignighter and keep it handy for the day it actually does go bad permanently. They aren’t too expensive. Below this post there is a parts search, just put in your model number and you will find the proper ignighter.

  9. I watched the video on the gas stove not igniting and my oven the igniter lites up but will not come on, could the ignitor still be bad

  10. I watched the video on the gas stove not igniting and my oven the igniter lites up but will not come on, could the ignitor still be bad

  11. Ok here is a weird one for you. My oven heats up randomly, or at least it use too. 2 or 3 times an hour when the oven was off, it would turn on and ignite the burner for a few minutes then shut off. I started turning off the gas and unplugged when it wasn’t in use. Now it won’t light at all. I’m guessing unplugging it might have done something to the safety valve, but I’d like to figure out the random lighting before I replace it. The little glowy thing still randomly lights if I plug it back in, but no gas is coming out.

    1. The little glowy thing could still be bad, its cheap and easy to replace. I would start there. Our parts partner has an awesome return policy. Just get both parts and return the one you dont need.

  12. Hi!
    My question is about a Kenmore gas oven. It lights but if I drop the temperature below 400, the gas shuts off. The burners on the stove work fine. Its a old oven and I am wondering if its something a repair would fix or should I just plan on replacing it?

    1. If the oven is not rusted out and looks good then I would go ahead and try to fix it. Newer ovens have a lot more fancy electronics and stuff that could go wrong. Look for the appliance parts search on our site. Plug in the model number of your oven.

      I coudln’t really say exactly what is wrong but possible look for a part called the thermocouple. It shouldn’t be that expensive and may fix your issue. If not that, a thermostat maybe, a gas valve or other safety mechanism could be bad.

  13. oven only lights if I turn the gas regultor to the oven off and on a couple of times, replaced the regulator and still does the same thing

  14. Hey guys, I’ve got an older model, in-wall gas double oven that won’t light. It operated on a standing pilot light and when you attempt to turn the oven on, the heating pilot is active and has the correct flame, but it won’t catch on the main gas burner bar to create the heating flame. Could it be something wrong with my gas safety valve? or could it just be a problem with my actual burner? I can’t afford an entirely new oven, so any help would be appreciated.

    1. Its hard to say. It could be the gas valve, thermocouple or some other part. Put your model number in the parts search on this site, you will get back a list of parts from Repair Clinic. They will let you return parts you dont use. Go ahead and buy a new gas valve and thermocouple (if equipped) plus any related parts or assemblies. Return what you dont need. I would start with the thermocoupler if so equipped.

      1. I have a Magic Chef Concept series gas wall oven. Probably a 1979 since thats how old my mobile home is. Have a pilot light, and when you turn oven on the other igniter flame lights, but its like the burner is not getting gas. Dont even know where to find the model number and stuff.

        1. If you are on a bottle gas service make sure you indeed have gas and the valve is completely open. If you have copper supply lines, check that they didn’t get damaged, kinked or bent.

  15. After a short power outage my gas oven will not light. There is not gas smell coming from the oven when I turn it on. Now the stove top burners are lighting inconsistently when turned on. I hear the click click of the igniter and smell gas but they won’t light.

    1. Very weird. On the top burners. Can you light them with a match or lighter or does it seem like air blowing from the burner? I cant be sure from here but the symptom seems like how a stove might act when the gas valve was shut off for a while or after a propane tank runs out. Try getting a top burner lit and run it for a while, make some tea or something. This will help purge any air in the lines. Then re-evaluate the situation. If you still have trouble it may be time to call a repairman.

  16. Quick question…my wife ran the self-cleaning mode on our gas oven a couple of weeks ago, and the last two times she has tried to use the oven we get a gas smell, then after shutting the oven off and waiting a few minutes try again and the oven starts heating up without a gas smell. Is this the igniter, or sound more like a controller? What should I do first?

  17. My pilot comes on nice, big and blue ( it shoots blue both up and down) but is not igniting the bar for the oven or broiler. I think that I pushed it or the pin out of place yesterday with an oversized broiling pan because the oven worked before that. Unfortunately I don’t know what it is supposed to look like when correct. I have a Premier, don’t know what model but it has an electronic ignition. Photos upon request!

    thank you!

  18. I have a G E stove #JGBP79WEW1WW. oven igniter would not glow, checked voltage going to igniter, was at 120v. Installed new igniter, still wont glow, voltage still seems fine (120, 121v) .. What else could be the problem?. Broiler and stove burners all work fine..

  19. Hi. We have a older, small Holiday oven. All 4 burners are lighting fine but the oven wont heat or tufn on. What could the problem be? It was working fine 2 days ago

  20. I have a Hotpoint stove and when I have broil knob on in front and shut gas cock in back of stove from closed to open position it works!However when gas is on and I shut knob off in front and go to turn back on in front I get no flame!Any suggestions?

  21. Hello, I have an older Magic Chef 31fA 8x EL. The stove top burners work fine, however, the oven center bar will not light up to heat thw oven. The pilot is on. What could be wrong. Not sure if this one has an igniter. Please help. Thanks in advance

  22. GE gas oven. Oven won’t light. Igniter won’t glow. Replaced igniter. Same problem. I’m at a loss. The guy at the parts store pretty much guaranteed this was my issue. Can I use a multimeter to test voltage to the igniter? I did before I replaced it and didn’t get any voltage coming off the igniter connector. I’ve got continuity across the gas valve as well, so it should have a live neutral. I just don’t know about the thermostat knob. Any ideas?

  23. Hi I saw in other comments that a gentleman had done a self cleaning on the over and the igniter went out. I replace the part and put it in but it still won’t turn on not even a little red. So I was wondering what safety valve is there to look at and how do I know it’s the new igniter I have a Kenmore oven model no. 362.7556191

  24. I have a Kenmore model 36275478691 stove. The oven igniter will come on but will not light the burner until you turn the top burner knob to lite and let it spark a few times then the oven will lite. This should be 2 separate systems. What is my options. Thank you

    1. Did your oven get fixed? What is the problem? How did it get fixed? Mine is just 1 month new and has the same problem. Still a mystery. Thanks for reply.

  25. Hello,
    I have a magic chef model 8114p32460. I’m not able to find a ignitor for that model. I was wondering could I use another ignitor?

  26. I just replaced the igniter and it glows, but it’s not lighting the pilot. My stove works just fine. I can’t smell any gas, what else could it be?

  27. Broiler was left on and burnt up igniter. Replaced igniter and it works, but broiler burner won’t light. It will if done manually. Any suggestions?

  28. I have a gas stove Model # WFG510S0AB and when I turn it on I smell the gas but it will not light itself. When I pick up the cover at the bottom and light it with a lighter it stays lit. All these signs point to an igniter being the issue but I am hoping to confirm with you guys. What do you think?

    Also, commendable job on answering questions to a video that is almost 2 years old! Thanks!

  29. I have a double oven Kenmore Elite Model #79078909001. Neither oven will light. The glow plugs do glow. The broiler works. The stove top burners work. I turned the top oven on and after 20 minutes it was at 160 degrees. I then turned one of the top burners on and after 30 seconds the oven lit and heated up quickly. The oven apparently isn’t getting the signal to ignite. Why would turning on the top burner get the gas to flow to the oven and ignite? There is no gas smell. The oven was purchased late 2011. thanks for any help/advice you have.

    1. I have no idea what the issue could be. Maybe something electronic, I don’t know for sure. I don’t see a control board listed at repair clinic. I don’t see most parts for your model at repair clinic. Sorry I’m not more help.

  30. I’m having a problem with the oven not igniting, the igniter glows and do smell gas but no flame. I just wanted to know if that was the problem you had with your oven ? The make and model, Westinghouse, MGF345BBDB.

    Thanks for you help and advise.

  31. Have a GE JGBP27DEM6WW. When turning the oven temp knob the self clean light slowly flashes,and a relay starts clicking but oven won’t turn on. checked the switch to the door lock switch, it’s fine.Replaced the control PCB for the oven , still the same symptoms. Any Ideas? Thanks

  32. just started; baked 3 messy cakes and made a mess in it; fire mess. cleaned up and used a second ok. NOW; the glowing igniter works just fine and stays lit; gas flow never begins in the pipe, :(, mass food goes to an old people city center. piece that’s the glowing part? or something electronic that opens the gas flow?

  33. I have a Whirlpool gas oven. When I turn it on, I can hear the igniter (or whatever is in there) clicking, but the gas won’t light to heat it. The stovetop works. The oven works when I manually put a flame to where the gas comes out. Does it sound like the igniter is the problem?

    1. Yup – Put the model number into the parts search on this site and you should get back a list of possible parts you can order from our friends at repair clinic.

  34. Moved into a new house, magic chef gas oven pilot light out. the top burners come on after a few clicking sounds but the oven does nothing. how do I light the pilot for the oven?

    1. There may NOT be a pilot light. The clicking indicates an electronic ignition, I would suspect the oven is the same. Are you sure the oven doesnt work? Set a temp and wait a bit and see what happens. If you smell gas, turn everything off an exit the house, I doubt that will happen tho.

  35. So my broiler igniter glows and ignites the broiler but the lower igniter won’t glow. I removed it and feed it 12oV directly and it glows fine. Wound something controlling the igniter have gone bad or should I still try replacing the igniter? Thanks

  36. My glow plug is working but the oven will not lite it’s like the gas valve is not working I replaced as Ced the oven Oct 2014

  37. My oven would not light, but the igniter glowed brightly. No matter, said the forums, the igniter is the problem and the only way to know is to change it out. Ordered new one, and it made no difference. After trying a few times with no luck, I tapped vigorously with the handle of the screwdriver on the control valve…AND IT LIT. It was just Stuck! Tried it several times again before putting it back together. I now have a spare igniter and $17 less in my pocket.

  38. I replaced my igniter and now it glows hot. I know the gas valve opens to release gas as I can smell it. The oven still does not light. Do you have any other guidance for me?

  39. Hi, I have a Blue Star gas range (propane). Oven did warm up and then stopped. Broiler does work (igniter and gas). We replaced the igniter of the oven, however igniter did not glow. We checked the wires and no power to igniter. Where is the problem now? In the control knob?
    Range is only used for about 3 years. Very bad timing, for I was baking a wedding cake…..
    Please advise, thanks

    1. There are likely several safety mechanisms in play and one is causing the issue. Check the obvious first – Power at the outlet where it plugs in. If thats good may be time for a pro.

  40. I have a Whirlpool Gas Oven Model GFG461LVS 1.

    The range top works. The broiler works. When the “Bake” function is initiated, it lights for 3-4 seconds…then clicks (sometimes more than once) and goes out. Every 20-30 seconds it will try again but nothing ever happens.

    I’ve replaced the igniter….it was not the problem. I have cleaned out the valve and gas line…and bored some bigger holes in the tube.

    When I did this, it finally worked. Then, I tried it again in 1 hour and it didn’t work ( it would light then go out) … WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? This thing is driving me nuts.

  41. I wouldn’t try anything at this point since you modified the tube. I could be dangerous to continue working on it. Time to get a pro.

  42. Finally fixed it…the high temp wire running from the Direct Spark Module had a bad connector…wasn’t getting the voltage it needed…clipped the connector, rewired it…works fine now.

  43. Goos afternoon I have a Frigidaire stove when you turn off the top burners they do no shut off right away please assist

  44. I have a Whirlpool GW395LEPS00 that received a power surge. Replaced control board and everything works fine, but the oven. Igniter fires but not getting gas to bake tube. Any ideas before I keep replacing parts for nothing. Thanks

  45. Hi I have a gas oven in UK, issue is the main oven would light but after holding it as usual for 5/10 seconds it wont stay on and turns off, any suggestions?

  46. Hi I have a jgas02senss GE Oven where the ignitor won’t glow. I’ve replaced the ignitor, same issue. I’ve replaced the thermostat (oven control) and still the same issue. Any suggestions?

  47. Hey i have a ge gas range.. bake burner and broiler burner lite but ignitor stays on..model number pxgb940sef1ss I Will buy parts from u if u can send me an email with diagnosis

  48. Hi, i have an older Frigidaire gas oven I’m changing the igniter on it, there’s no connector it plugs into just wires twisted together with a plastic boot on it, both of them are white wires. My question is when i get the new igniter does it matter which wires are connected if they’re all white?

  49. I just replaced the igniter in my oven but it still won’t light but if I hold an open flame to the gas tube it will light any ideas

  50. How can I post a question or explain my situation. Old appliances. Widdowed 3 years, trying to do it myself.

  51. i have a frigidaire gas stove and the oven won’t turn on i replaced the ignitor with a new one but the ignitor isn’t lighting up when i turn on the stove could the thermostat / temperature knob cause the ignitor to not turn on ?

  52. Changed igniter on kenmore gas oven lit right up put the heatplate back on and won’t light take the plate off lights right up any feedback

  53. Replaced igniter on my old model Whirlpool WFG110AVQ0 gas stove and still no gas being released in the tube to ignite? 3 of my 4 top burners work just fine but the front on the right side mysteriously stopped working around the same time the oven went out. The burner is still emitting gas though as it can be lit with an open flame. ANY suggestions would help!

  54. HI,
    I have a whirlpool model WFG361LVD0 gas stove. The oven hasn’t lit for a few days. I took bottom tray off inside oven to expose gas tube/burner and ignighter. When I set oven to “bake”, I hear the ignighter clicking (maybe I am hearing the one for the broiler?), and hear the gas valve open, but no flame, then gas shuts off.
    I assumed ignighter bad, so started to remove it. When I had all screws out and ignighter free from burner(laying in bottom of oven) but still plugged into the wire I decided to try it again, and I could see it spark several times.
    I reassembled, tried oven, but no ignition, no sparks.
    Again, I removed burner assembly, this time left ignighter connecter to burner and let it lie in bottom of oven connected to wire, and turned on oven. Again, ignighter was sparking and gas valve opened.
    Now, I just replaced the burner assembly back into position without fastening it down, and ignighter won’t spark……
    I am at a loss of what to try next. Any help?

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  56. Neither my oven or broiler won’t ignite The oven clicks twice but won’t ignite. The broiler doesn’t click or turn red when on. Odd that both igniters went bad at the same time. The top burners all work.

  57. Question rather than comment… Our gas oven ignitor will click and the gas will flow, but it will not ignite into flames unless I open the oven door. When the oven cycles off, I have to wait for the click sounds and then open the door again for it to reignite. For some reason that rush of air from opening the door is the only way it will light. Any thoughts on why this is and what to do to fix it? Ignitor, gas tube, thermostat, and motherboard? Have all been replaced trying to fix it.

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