Electric Dog Fence Collar Options

The Handyguys received several questions about dog collar options in response to our video on installing an electric invisible dog fence. The collar is certainly the most important aspect of the project and will drive the selection of the DIY kit you choose. Watch the video as The Handyguys discuss a few choices. Other options are listed below the video.

Stubborn Dogs

Stubborn dogs require a bit more correction from time to time. There are severalĀ dog fence collar options for stubborn dogs.

Long Haired Dogs

Sometimes dogs have very long fur which prevents the contacts on the dog fence collar from working correctly. If you have this situation, you will want to find a collar with different size contact points/tips. Use the longer points to ensure the collar works correctly. Most kits have different sized points or you can buy other sized tips separately. if you have a long (very long) haired dog, make sure you check the types of tips available for the collar in the fence kit you buy.

Small Dogs

If you have a small dog, you will want a small collar. Handyguy Paul’s dog, who starred in the video, uses the Elite Little Dog system from PetSafe.

Large Dogs

Most systems will be fine for large dogs unless they specifically say for small dogs. Here are a few options for large dog electric fence collars.

Sport Dogs

If you have a dog that goes in water, you will want to ensure the collar is suitable for use in the water. Most can get wet just fine but if your dog is a swimmer you should check to make sure the collar won’t be damaged by the dog taking a dip in the pond or pool. You have several waterproof dog fence collar options.

Innotek UltraSmart Extra Collar Receiver for IUC-4100, IUC-4200, and IUC-5200 Systems
Some collars are even rechargeable, come with multiple tips, will work on large and medium dogs and are waterproof.

5 thoughts on “Electric Dog Fence Collar Options

  1. Nice video, on the option for the back yard only, could you have just done the twisted wire across the back side of the house instead of gong over?

  2. Hi, I need to know if I can attach our dogs electric fence wire to a three wire fence? I think it’s called a range fence. The fence will not contain our dog because he can just go rough it. I have this type of fence on two sides. What I want to do is go all the way around our yard attach it two the wire fence, then go under ground the rest of the way.
    Is this doable? Will the wire fence inter fear with the electric fence?
    Thanks, Cathy

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