Honda vs Generac Inverter Quiet Generator

In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul compare the Honda inverter generator and the Generac inverter generator. These two brands are reputable and make a great quiet generator. However, the two brands also have small differences that the Handyguys expand on. An inverter generator is a lighter weight and quiet generator. They typically have 2000 start-up watts and 1600 running watts. They are known for being convenient and the quietest generator one can buy.

Similarities Between Honda and Generac Inverter quiet Generator

While the Honda inverter generator is more expensive than the Generac inverter generator, it has been around for much longer and carries a strong brand name and value. Some similarities between the two brands is that they both have outlets and different modes. The generators are also both good for 1600 running watts which is one typical house circuit. The can also handle a little more wattage on start-up for something like a refrigerator or fans. While you can’t run the whole house on one of these generators, you CAN daisy chain 2 of the generators of the same brand together.

Differences between Honda and Generac Inverter Quiet Generator

While both generators are of good quality, the Generac has some differences from the Honda. The Generac generator has 3 modes including an economode which makes the Generac quieter than the Honda generator. It also has a fuel gauge that homeowners can read from inside the house. This is useful in a snowstorm or hurricane because you don’t have to go outside to check if the generator needs more fuel, but rather homeowners only need to go outside when the Generac needs to be refueled. While the Generac is new to inverter generators, they have been around for a while. Some of their other products include whole house/larger generators.

Inverter generators are portable and easy to use. Honda and Generac both have great generators with slight differences. The Handyguys love both of these brands!

Honda Inverter quiet Generator
Honda Inverter Generator

Thank you to Generac for providing one of the products shown in this video. The Handyguys’ opinions are their own.


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    1. Yes, depending on the heater. Check the running wattage on the heater. Most in the US are 1500 watts and one should work fine on either generator when the generator is on max power.

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