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Power Outage Prep: Sump Pump Backup Options [VIDEO]

In this show, The Handyguys discuss different three different sump pump backup options. Do you need a sump pump to keep your basement dry? What will you do if the power goes out during a storm? How will you keep things dry. When disaster strikes in form of a rainstorm, hurricane, or earthquake, use these […]

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Honda vs Generac Inverter Quiet Generator In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul compare the Honda inverter generator and the Generac inverter generator. These two brands are reputable and make a great quiet generator. However, the two brands also have small differences that the Handyguys expand on. An inverter generator is a lighter weight and quiet generator. They typically have 2000 start-up […]

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Electrical Toolkit And Surviving A Power Outage

First up the electrical toolkit we talk about some key tools for doing electrical work and comment on an article in Fine Homebuilding called An Electrical ToolKit by Brian Walo. Fine Homebuilding says (About Brian Walo’s article): He recommends three electrical testers, a variety of drivers (Phillips head, flat head, nut driver, and Robertson drivers), […]

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