How to Order Emerson’s Custom Ceiling Fan

In this video, The Handyguys explore the custom ceiling fan function that Emerson provides on their website. The Handyguys take us through the process of choosing and ordering a ceiling fan from Emerson, and speak highly of the quality and service received from the manufacturer.

One must go to and choose the “Design Your Fan ” to create a custom ceiling fan. There are a series of steps to then follow in order to choose the fan that best fits your housing needs. All of the fans are part of the “Blade Select Series” design tool in which there are 5 fan models, 8 finishes, and over 50 blade options.

Ordering a Custom Ceiling Fan

First, you must choose your housing for a fan. In this video, the Handyguys choose the “Penbrook Select.” The next step is to choose a finish for the housing. The Handyguys choose the brushed steel in this case. There are then an assortment of blades for the homeowner to choose from ranging from decorative, solid wood, and wood veneer. The blades cover an assortment of colors, styles, and prices. In this video, the Handyguys have the solid wood in chocolate color.

Light Fixtures and Accessories

The “Design Your Fan” feature then allows you to pick a light fixture and accessories for your custom ceiling fan. These are not necessary additions to your order, but rather a nice add-on that Emerson provides for its customers. Accessories include remote control, LED wall control, and the length of the downrod for the fan.

Emerson also provides free shipping and installation of their products is easy, which is all in line with their customer satisfaction guarantee. The Handyguys are thoroughly impressed with Emerson’s products as well the “Design Your Fan” function the Emerson provides for their customers. Order from Emerson to create your very own custom ceiling fan!

Emerson Ceiling Fan. Custom Ceiling Fan.
Emerson Ceiling Fan. Custom Ceiling Fan.

Thank you to Emerson for sponsoring this post and providing some of the products shown. The Handyguys opinions are their own.

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