Jaco Elite Pro Tire Gauge is easy and convenient to use.

The Importance of a Good Tire Gauge! (Video)

A Good Quality Tire Gauge

A cheap tire gauge can be very cost efficient but can get sticky or lose accuracy over time. Checking tire pressure is necessary on lawnmowers, cars, and even bikes. Therefore, it’s better to invest in a good quality tool for the every tire pressure need.

Handyguys Brian and Paul suggest using the Jaco ElitePro tire gauge to check tire pressure. This easy tire pressure reader delivers a reading after being plugged into a valve. It is also accurate and holds the reading, so that a user can quickly get a reading of tire pressure even in cold weather.

Handyguy Brian also talks about cheaper gauges that may need to be connected to a compressor. But some of these gauges can be off by over 10 pounds and only show the reading while still connected to the tire. Another brand, the Milton tire gauge, gives better readings than the typical gauge. One downside of this gauge though is that it needs to be connected to an air hose and air compressor.

The Slime air compressor on the other hand just needs to be connected to a 12v accessory outlet on your car rather than an air compressor. A user can also set the tire pressure, and this gauge will stop automatically at that pressure.This tool also has an emergency light if it needs to be used in the dark. The Campbell Hausfeld model allows you to plug into a regular household outlet.

The Handyguys suggest a Milton type tire gauge if a user already owns an air compressor. However, if a user does not already own a compressor, the Slime air compressor and Jaco elitepro pressure gauge are cheaper and more accessible than other gauges and compressors would be.

Jaco Elite Pro Tire Gauge is easy and convenient to use.Jaco ElitePro Tire Gauge: http://amzn.to/23ZtG1f

12V Tire Inflator: http://amzn.to/23ZugvW

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