Underground Dog Fence

Dog Fence Wire and the Driveway (Video)

Getting an Underground Dog Fence Wire Around the Driveway

In this post, Handyguy Paul gives tips on how to install an underground dog fence easily. Some people have issues getting the fence through or around the driveway. So, in this video, Handyguy Paul walks through all the steps.

The first technique when installing an underground dog fence would be to cut a groove in the driveway using a masonry saw. Then, tuck the wire in the groove and caulk over it. The problem with this technique is that it can look bad after a while and start to deteriorate the asphalt around the groove.

Handyguy Paul then suggests what he believes is the best technique when installing an underground dog fence. First, look for a seam at the base or the head of the driveway. Oftentimes, one will find that there is a seam already filled in with asphalt. Using a flat blade, scrape a groove into that seam and lay the wire for the fence into the sea. One can then caulk over the grove and wire or wait for dirt to eventually cover it up. This technique of installing an underground dog fence has worked for 4-5 years for him.

Handyguy Paul says that the same technique can be used at the head of the driveway as well, but if one places the underground dog fence at the bottom of the driveway, the dog is able to come to the edge of the driveway.


Underground Dog Fence

One thought on “Dog Fence Wire and the Driveway (Video)

  1. I haven’t been sold on the idea that this will really work for our dog at home, and didn’t understand how to install a system in our front yard. Thanks for this video, for it helps me see it should work for us.

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