Tablo TV

Tablo DVR for Cord Cutters (Video)

Tablo DVR for Cord Cutters

As the world moves into the digital age, cord cutting and digital TV are becoming far more popular. In a previous post, Handyguys Brian and Paul talked about cord cutters and over-the-air cable TV. However, the Handyguys did not discuss the DVR component. There are many ways where one can also get DVR for their over-the-air TV needs. Appliances like TIVO can be installed digitally with an antenna. While TIVO may be a more popular name brand in over-the-air TV and DVR, Handyguys Brian and Paul discuss another digital DVR device, the Tablo TV and DVR.

Tablo is an easy to install and easy to use DVR device. All a customer has to do is hook up the hard drive and antenna, plug it into the network, and it is then ready to use. In case one may be wondering how this device works, it functions much like an internet router. The device is completely wireless and one can easily get cord-free TV and DVR.

With Tablo, one can get recordings and the schedule of their recordings on their smartphone, laptop, or tablet. This device is also compatible with Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire. Once one downloads the Tablo app on their iOS, Android, or other device, all show schedules come up on any device with the same connectivity as a laptop or TV. The download may take a few extra minutes as it must download show art and one’s individual schedule. But once downloaded, this device is easy to use and convenient for one’s every cordless DVR need.

Tablo is an easy to use DVR and over-the-air system for all the cord cutters out there!
Tablo TV

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