Klein All-Purpose J2078CR Plier

Pliers: Klein Tools (Video)

Klein Tools J2078CR All-Purpose Pliers

In this post, the Handyguys explain the benefits of using Klein Tools J2078CR All-Purpose Pliers with crimpers. Handyguy Brian starts off by comparing how far electrician pliers have come since the 1950s. New pliers these days can be geared towards the next generation of professional electricians as well as amateur electricians. For example, these tools have the capability of stripping wires, cutting wires, pulling wires through tight areas, and even bending wires for a screw.

However, the Klein All-Purpose Plier has even more benefits than other brands. This tool is a needle nose plier that has all the stripping, a cutter, a crimper and even includes an area in which an electrician can easily cut a nail down to the appropriate size. As previously mentioned, these are not only useful for professional electricians but can also be a great tool for homeowners wishing to do some amateur work. Keep in mind though that this tool is quite useful for electric work, but solely electric work. Ultimately, the Klein All-Purpose Plier can meet you every electrician need.

Klein All-Purpose J2078CR Plier

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