What Pneumatic Nailers To Use? (Video)

In this video post, the Handyguys explain the differences between various pneumatic nailers and also when is best to use each one. Handyguys Brian and Paul additionally give tips on everyday house projects using a different pneumatic nailers for each.

Framing Nailer

Product DetailsThe Handyguys recommend that a framing nailer is best for finishing basements. Handyguy Paul explains that the framing nailer may be a little loud at times, but that it does the job and saves much hassle. Its usually used for building stud walls.

15/16 Gauge Finish Nailers

These nailers are good for window trim and baseboard molding. The 15 gauge nailer is an angle nail with a larger nail and more gripping power. On the other hand, the 16 gauge nailer has a smaller nail which works well if you need to fill a smaller hole, but it is harder to get into tight spots due to its straight nailing.

15/16/18 Finish Nailer

Product DetailsThese nailers are great for crown molding. The 15 finish nailer is especially good for crown molding because it has a larger nail, larger holding power, and an angle that can get you into tight spots. The 18 finish nailer goes well with the 15 as it works well to tighten up the corner and edge because it’s smaller. Make sure that the nail is at least 2-and-a-half inches for crowns. Finally, the 16 finish nailer is a good compromise between the 15 and the 18 finish nailer for projects, but the best way to complete a project is to have one 18 and one 15 finish nailer.


For fences, a framing nailer with smaller nails (2 to 3-and-a-half inch ring shanked nail) is best for heavy duty fences. If the fence is more delicate, like a picket fence, a staple gun will do the job and holds much better than a finish nailer.

Freeman PFL618BR 3-in-1 Pneumatic Flooring NailerFlooring

A flooring nailer is best for flooring projects. The nail must be between the top of the board and the tongue and make sure that the angle is just right so that the next board will cover the visibility of the nail. A 16-gauge nailer also comes in handy for the outside edges of a flooring project as it can come into the groove at an angle. To finish off with quarter round shoe molding, use a small 18-gauge nailer.


An impact driver and screws are best for putting a deck down. A framing nailer and ring shanked nails works best for the deck frame as the nails hold the best for the framing.

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