Getting the Right Snow Blower

Getting The Right Snow Blower (Video)

Getting the Right Snow Blower

The Homeowners’ Snow Blower

In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul look at the benefits and issues with different types of snow blowers. Every winter, homeowners in colder areas have to deal with the issues of snowy driveways and walkways. The Handyguys break down the different types and benefits from each snow blower that a homeowner can buy.

Handyguy Paul starts of by talking about a 2 stage gas powered snow blower. This blower is good for driveways and large areas because it is powerful. The 2 stage has an impeller and an auger. The auger clears snow and the impeller blows it out of the way. This model is good for heavy duty snow removal, but not all homeowners have need of this.

On the other hand, Handyguy Brian suggests an electric snow blower. This blower is good if you do not have a far distance to remove snow and if you are in a reasonable distance of an outlet. this blower is also useful if the snow is not very deep or if there’s not a huge area of snow that needs to be removed. One key benefit of this kind of snow blower is that it does not have need for gas, oil, or maintenance. Just plug in the blower and clear the snow. This snow blower is also easy to store because it is small and lightweight.

If the gas powered snow blower is more compatible with your snow blowing needs, make sure you have good gas that you drain at the end of the season. Also remember to change the oil to the correct levels as need be.


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