Renting a Lawn Aerator and Avoiding Weeds

Okay – here is a quick tip, not a full show.

Lawn Aerating

Fall and spring are a great time to aerate your lawn. An aerator will break up hard compacted soil and allow water and nutrients to better reach the roots of your grass. We all know that, that’s not the quick tip. The tip has to do with when you rent an Aerator.

Lawn Aerating Problems

When you rent an aerator, there is often the previous user’s bits of dirt and grass embedded in the plugs inside tines. Those plugs can contain weeds, weed seeds, other varieties of grass, etc. When you run the aerator over your lawn, you essentially will plant whatever the previous user had in their lawn in your lawn. Not good.

Lawn Aerating Best Practice

Avoid spreading of weeds, take a moment to hose off the tines before you begin aerating your lawn.


4 thoughts on “Renting a Lawn Aerator and Avoiding Weeds

  1. I’m actually really glad to see this. I was planning on renting an aerator (for the first time ever) this spring anyway!

  2. This is a very great tip. Especially with certain molds or bacterial that you could be transplanting into your yard. Another tip. Don’t by those aerator shoes, they don’t work, they look ridiculous and you will most likely hurt yourself when you get stuck. Lesson learned.

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