GE Refrigerator Not Cooling Troubleshooting and Repair

GE Refrigerator Not Cooling Troubleshooting and Repair

The Handyguys discuss modern refrigerator troubleshooting. Many of these tips apply regardless of who makes your refrigerator.

GE Refrigerator Not Cooling Troubleshooting and RepairPaul’s GE side-by-side refrigerator is not cooling correctly (model In this audio podcast, The Handyguys discuss how to track down the issues.

Some common problems with modern refrigerators include:

  • Ice maker does not work.
  • Water line for ice dispenser freezes up.
  • Water line or water tank leaks.
  • Water valve unit on back of refrigerator can go bad.
  • The main control board can go bad or just do dumb things.

Paul’s GE refrigerator not cooling was a big issue. His freezer temperature rose a little above freezing and his refrigerator was not keeping the milk cool. Paul looked to the back inside wall of his freezer for a solution. A panel can be removed to expose the evaporator coil. When his refrigerator was not working well, he noticed that these coils were frozen which prevents the fan properly cooling the freezer (and therefore the refrigerator as well).

The initial fix was to melt the ice on the evaporator coil to allow the unit to operate. This fix lasted about a month before it froze up again. The reason the defrost unit fails is usually the result of a bad defrost heater, defrost thermostat or thermistor. Some older models also have a defrost timer but this feature is handled by the main control board on his model (at least he thinks it is…he’s just a handyguy!).

Paul tested the heater for continuity and it appeared to be working fine. He also tested and replaced his thermistor. He has a new thermostat if needed but could not wait for this problem to occur again, so he just went ahead and replaced the entire control board. Time will tell if this fix worked (it has been about 3 weeks).

Paul highly recommends the forums at for advice and feedback on your appliance repairs.

Listen to the podcast for all the gory details.

Please keep in mind, The Handyguys are NOT appliance repairmen, we don’t have schematics for your appliance, and we can’t come out and repair your fridge. We just share what we know with out listeners. Good luck on your repair.

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  1. MY freezer is icing up at the back and then doesnt cool properly until I defrost it and then its good again .Whats causing this iceup I think the seal is good. Email back with the solution please.

  2. Hello, I’m having a big problem with my GE Refrigerator. It is leaking from the inside freezer side. It is not a build up, I have cleaned that out and it continues to leak. It’s leaking from the back panel of the freezer, but there is no access from the back of the refrigerator. I have had to turn off the water to the fridge.

    1. It sounds like it is coming from the defrost coils. They are accessed from inside the freezer. You have to remove the panel on the back side (but inside the freezer) to access. HOwever, since I don’t know everything about this refrigerator, I would encourage you to check out the forums at (no connection to our site). These guys know their stuff and I found some good information there when I was troubleshooting my issues.

  3. Hello, We are having a major issue with our GE refrigerator. It is not cooling properly although the freezer works perfectly fine. Having guests over tomorrow and everything is slowly warming to room temperature! We have tried moving the temperature setting to the coldest (9) from where we normally keep it (4). This has been happening since earlier this morning with no change. No fridge repair places have appointments by tomorrow. Any thoughts are much appreciated!! Many thanks!

    1. Your fridge likely has one compressor that cools the freezer with a fan to blow the cold air into the refrigerator compartment. The fan could have failed or the thermostat or a circuit that controls the fan. It could also be something simple. Look for the passageways between the refrigerator and the freezer and make sure they are not blocked. This can happen when things are over filled. Good luck.

      1. I’m currently experiencing the same problem that Jennifer had in 2012. Is there any way to tell if the fan, thermostat or circuit that controls the fan has failed.

  4. My GE GSL22JFPH BS side-by-side keeps intermittently getting warm in the top of the freezer and freezing the produce drawers in the bottom of the frig. simultaneously. Any thoughts?

    1. Did you listen to the podcast for this post? Just curious because I think I explained in this podcast of a similar issue with my fridge. My fix was to replace the control board.

  5. have a G E side by side and having trouble with the freezer not freezing and the refrigerator is not keeping cool everything ia always at room temperature needs some helpasap

    1. side bye side has been stored two years . working fine when stored now nothing any suggestions. [ not working] Fan runs and compresoir are running. still not cooling

      1. Joe, how did you fix your side by side that fan runs and compressor runs but not cooling? my GE side by side having same problem. Thanks

  6. My GE Profile has eratic temperatures. It gets really cold (-4 freezer and 35 in the fridge) Then the temperature goes hig ( 16 degrees in freezer and 45 in fridge ). I changed the motherboard twice within a year. At times the fan makes a lot of noise. Any ideas

  7. Very nicely done! This helped me tremendously – the same issue happened on my GE side-by-side model GSS23WSTA just this weekend. It turned out to be the defrost heater coil, a $40 part. Much better news than the $800 my girlfriend thought it was going to be!

    I had a repairman do the swap this time, as I had limited time to tackle it myself, but now I’ve had a primer on dismantling the refrigerator and plan to do future repairs myself.

    Thanks a million for the blog!

  8. My side by side fridge digital control buttons won’t turn on. The lights work but nothing else anything I can do to resolve this

      1. Were you able to solve this problem with a new board? We had a power interruption and are now experiencing the same: lights are on but no digital display for temp control and nothing is running. Only lights

          1. I am having the same problem. the only thing that works are the lights. and also HRS flashes on the temp board. Charlie where did you find the power interruption?

  9. my frigidiare side by side refrigerator isn’t cold enough in refrigerator side but freezes solid in freezer. fan seems to blow good but a rattling sound to fan from time to time.

  10. The refrigerator in our GE side-by-side is working fine, but the freezer can only freeze water — everything else is soft.

    The repairman came to take a look today. My husband reported back: “Your fridge needs a new coil; the Freon is leaking. It will cost about 650 to fix.”


    1. Sure sounds like the GE side by side refrigerator is a lemon! Depressing since mine is just 2 years old and I’m already having several problems in addition to the water filter being a disaster to replace. Water just pours out when I remove the old filter.

  11. I have a GE refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom that pulls out like a drawer and the fridge on top with side bye side doors. First the ice maker just stopped working. I checked and there is good water flow. So I need advise on that. My new problem is the fridge just stopped cooling period. The freezer works perfectly fine. But the fridge is room temp. Please help. Thank you

    1. I think there is a fan to move cool air from freezer. Could be faulty fan, blocked passageway or a bad circuit board. Look to see if you can figure how the air moves between the two and look for ice or other blockage.

  12. thank you for sharing what you know. If it’s alright I would to link to you in a post about this kind of stuff

  13. I have a GE that the dispenser for water and ice intermits, I have checked and redid it just incase and it made not differents… next suggestion would be ??? please get back to me.
    Tthank You Cathy

  14. I have a side by side GE elite and there is a slow leak coming from the main frig side and settling on the bottom of the inside of the unit. It appears it is coming from the area behind the Express Chill drawer on the bottom of the frig where there is a screened in area that house the light bulb and something else related to the Express Chill. Any thoughts?

    1. I have this same issue and need help too! Except that the leak was slow before, and now every morning I have a puddle in the front. It’s clearly coming from the Express Chill, which sometimes has a thin layer of ice on it. It’s causing the produce drawer to freeze too. I need this resolved so I can sell the fridge and buy a new stainless one to match the rest of my appliances.

  15. The food in my crisper drawer & stuff on the shelf above crisper drawer is freezing. Also water line behind crisper drawer is frozen solid. Ice in freezer will thaw & refreeze too. I have had the repairman out & he replaced the thermistors in the fridge & freezer & then replaced the control board & it is still doing it. Any suggestions on what else it could be?

    1. Could be a busted damper door which when broken allows cold air to continuously flow into the fresh food section. Need to take the shelves out of the frig and remove the light and back panels. Behind there is a styrofoam sort of box. The damper door is inside that and the hinges are probably broken. I took mine apart carefully and fixed it with two part apoxy. Now working fine.

  16. I have a 10-year old GE refrigerator. It has been working fine until suddenly this morning, the water dispenser stopped working and the dispenser light was weak and started flashing, then stopped. I emptied the ice maker which later made a few more ice cubes. Then later in the evening, the freezer made a clicking noise for a few minutes (looked like a defrost cycle), then stopped. Now the fridge is silent, but I am suspecting that the cooling in the fridge and freezer is weakening.
    Do you think there is a common problem that would explain all of today’s events?

  17. My GE side by side fridge is not cooling, lights on but fan seems to not work,when plug in power LED lights on in the freezer outer door. When pushing in the dispencer LED light fades out.Mod. # GSH25JSRFSS

  18. My refrigerator is a side by side but with a deep freezer draw at the bottom. Its not blowing air nor getting cold but everything still seems to work what could this be and what do you think the cost would or should be.

  19. I have a GE refer mod # GSH25JSDBSS and the off gas smell from the refer smells really bad. could it b the r-134 refridgerant ? and the fridge and freezer fluxuate in temp. Any ideas?

  20. My little refrigerator(small one) is not cool. When I plug in , I hear it click, but it not cool and the tank at the back is hot. I do not know what wrong and how to fix ? Would you please help me , tell me what to do?
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Its probably ready for the trash (or recycle). Only suggestion, if it was recently moved, let it sit a day or two then try it again. If nothing then its probably time for a new one.


  22. TY-
    check to see if the defrost heater is bad. My GE side by side started getting warm in the fridge and then in the freezer. i took everything out, and let it thaw. When i plugged it back in, hours later, it worked great for a month, then started warming again. I took off the inside panel on the freezer side(five minutes work) and noticed ice over all the coils. Hair dryer melted it out, and then i found the defrost heater on the bottom was bad, since the element was broken. I wound the element around itself where it broke, and got another 6 months out of it (i had the new heater, it was 15$), then replaced. Worked fine for 6 months, and burned out.(bought generic chinese heater that fit, so thats what i get) the new heater came with dual coils, and a lil wiring job. I’m here cuz my fridge/freezer started fluctuating in temp, and now the fan is hitting ice.

  23. My GE Profile refrigerator went out yesterday with the blinking “hrs” in the refrigerator section. I assumed it was the main control board. Today it came back on but there is a burnt smell when I open the refrigerator door. It’s been on for 5 or 6 hours and the freezer is at 16 degrees and the frig at 47 degrees. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  24. My ge profile pds22mbsaww seems to continuously run and then quit. If you unplug it for a couple hours it will start again. I changed the main board and fridge and freezer thermistors. The condensor fan won’t spin. The temp display quit after changing the board. Getting frustrated.

    1. Ugg that stinks. If the display stopped after the board swap I would be concerned you have the correct board or a faulty board. If you got the board through our Repair Clinic partner they are very good about exchanges and returns. I would try another board.

  25. The temp display worked before I switched the board. I tried putting the old one back on and it doesn’t come on with that one now too!! I bought the board off amazon.

  26. I have a mini GE. It’s quit cooling. The compressor was hot and there was ice on one of the lines in the back. I unplugged in overnight and when I plugged it in, it did the same thing. Is there a fix for this?

  27. I got up this morning and my fridge was really warm, so my fiancée thawed the motor and fan. Now the fridge is working fine, but the freezer is 27 degrees, and things are starting to thaw out. Any suggestions?

  28. I have a GE profile arctia model # PSS27SGMD BS that is icing up in the back of the freezer. It is not cold enough to freeze anything. Should I thaw everything out and try it again??? Does the control panel have to be replaced? Is there somthing that I can do to repair it or do I have to call a repair man.????

  29. Sounds like a failed hearing element to me! You can buy them online. The fix is do-able if you’re relatively handy; I had mine done by a repairman for about $150, but I wish I’d done it myself.

  30. We were just given a GE Profile Arctica model PSC23SHRCSS. My friend says it was working fine. She cleaned it out and threw out all the ice. When we connected it at home, the lights turned on inside, but the compressor and fan won’t turn on. What should we be looking for to get it to work?

    1. There could be an on/off switch along with the temperature settings. Check the obvious stuff first, lol. After that, I would be suspicious of damage during transport. If they are transported on their side the compressor can be damaged. Things could also be frozen if they are outside in the cold. If its could during transport or in a garage, I would try again when the fridge gets to room temp.

  31. Hello, looking for some help please. Same issue as others have had on here, the freezer would be too cold with the fridge not being cold enough. I replaced the motherboard last night and when I was finished it was telling me that the freezer was 0 and the fridge was 14, before starting the repair the freezer was at 0 and the fridge at 37. Now its showing me that the freezer is at 0 and the fridge is 32, how ever inside of my fridge is actually more like room temperature. Any idea’s….. Thanks

  32. GE Side-by-Side GSS22JEMC WW freezes up on the rear panel of the freezer and gets warm. Replaced mother board, replaced heater element, replaced thermostat, replaced three temperature sensors. Side-by-Side runs fine for a couple of months and then freezes up on the rear panel again. Turn off fridge and defrost it and it repeats in working good for a couple of months and then the rear panel of the freezer again freezes up. Noticed that both the fridge and the freezer appear to get colder just before the freezer rear panel frosts over again.

  33. I have a GE fridge about 10 years old, freezer on the bottom. The display settings for the temperature of the fridge and freezer are not working. I tried unplugging it for a few minutes and when I plugged it back in the settings came on but when I tried to reset the temperature the settings disappeared again. I tried the unplugging again but the settings did not come back on…..suggestions? ??

  34. Hi handyguys.

    Was working with electrical stuff in house. Everything was working normally . Turned off breakers while working. Finished work and turned breakers back on. Everything came on except fridge – GE Profile upper compartment is side by side and lower is a fridge drawer about 4 years old. Pulled it out and unplugged it. Checked to make sure outlet was powered – it was. Looked for a reset switch but could not find one. Plugged it back in and checked cord -powered…checked back of fridge electronics – powered….pulled board on front (temp control/door alarm/etc – powered….ice maker light is green -powered….BUT nothing on the display lights up…no cooling going on throughout top/bottom and no lights on on the inside…this seems like a control board problem, but would that happen simply because of the breaker being turned off then on again?? Seems oftly fragile for something that should be able to withstand power disconnection. Any thoughts?? Thanks for any help you can bring!

    1. I had the same experience as Joel. Cycled my home power off and back on. Now the lights on the control panel will not come on. The lights inside the unit are on, but the control panel does not seem to be working. What is the solution?

    2. It went into an auto defrost mode. Plug it back in and allow it to cycle / defrost and it should kick back on

  35. I have a GE Profile Artica with the freezer on the top. It is probably over 20 years old.
    The digital display shows the freezer at 11 degrees and was 15 degrees earlier. It is set a zero but won’t go below 9. The fridge is at 38 which is where it is set. The panel with this display all the way to the bottom of the freezer from the top of the fridge is hot to the touch.
    The fridge will run and turn off regularly. The fridge items are cold but the freezer items are always soft with ice cubes taking over half a day to freeze.
    Do you know what may need to be fixed on this?

    1. It could be many different things. The easy things to check would be.
      1) The door gasket – Is it clean and in good shape or is it cracked and damaged not making a good seal.
      2) The coils – are the coils clean? Usually the coils are on the back of the fridge. Clean them with a vacuum with brush attachment even if they look sort of clean.
      3) the fan (Under neath near the back) – make sure the fan blades are clean and not obstructed. You may also have a kick plate at the bottom front that allows air circulation, make sure that is clean too.

      The above things are easy and do not cost anything. Clean up everything you can see and then report back. Did this help any?

  36. We have a ge pds22sfsaraa today the fridge stop cooking and the freezer as well, you can feel the cool air blowing in but frezzer is 28, took the back off and cleaned compressor is hot hot and so are coils, all fans seem to be running. Too fridge bottom pull out freezer, I noticed set lights only stay on for a second after I change temps I’m sure before they stayed on, any help would be appreciated

  37. My GE model GTS201CNAWW trips the breaker. I removed lower rear cover and disconnected the wired connection to the black “compressor”? Still trips. Disconnected wired connection on right side next to water connection. Stil trips breaker. No fan, no motor runs. Only interior light works.

  38. I have an ice cream truck with a three compartment nelson freezer, The problem is all three compartments are registering temps. and freezer is not shutting down. i had a local vendor install guages to confirm there was no leak and i installed a neww thermostat. Issue is still happening where i have thermostat almost up to its highest setting and comparment closest to freezer is 5 below (leaving ice cream soft) middle compartment is 20 below and compartment furthest away is 15 below.. freezer constantly runs because it hasn’t been temp. satified any thoughts

  39. We have a GE side by side. Freezer works fine, but ‘fridge side doesn’t get cold enough. Repair man changed the fan today. He thought that was the issue. It’s been 2 hours, temp put up to 7 and it’s still not as cold as it should be. Ideas?

  40. I have a GE side by side model # PSB42YSHSS. I came home from vacation and the fridge and freezer were warming up. I turned it off over night and turned it back on in the morning. The fridge will cool fine when the power is initially turned on, but once it shuts off automatically it won’t come back on and start cooling. We had a lightning storm and think there may have been a power surge because my stereo won’t turn on as well. Does this sound like I need to replace the control board, or is it time to get a professional out?

  41. I have a GE side by side. We had a brown out (lights flickered probably six or seven times) recently and woke up the next day and the fridge had stopped working but the lights still come on. Tried unplugging and took the panel off to look at the fuse where the controls are because it wasn’t displaying anything. Help Handy mom on a tight budget

  42. I have a ge profile artic side by side. Freezer compartment began thawing food on the middle shelves. it was still making ice and maintaining temp in the fridge. Thought we had a blocked vent so we cleaned extra stuff out. Nothing. Next day cleaned and checked compressor, coils, and fan. It got worse. Now entire unit won’t cool past 60. Removed evaporator cover. Was one small piece of ice. Turned unit back on and it seems to be cooling. Evaporator could are getting frosty. Fan is operational. Everything should be a go. Any ideas?

  43. 2006 GE Profile Refrigerator/Freezer builds up ice on the refrigerator side (left side about 3/4 of the way down) then melts and pools in the bottom of the fridge – getting worse by the week. Any suggestions?

  44. i have a GE profile side by side i put a new board now i hear the fan and the control panel is working but is not cooling any ideas pls. thanks

  45. I have a GE side by side refrig and the freezer works good,but the refrigerator is warm.Put in new motherboard this week also checked for frozen evap coils and checked for blockages at passageways between freezer and refrig.The damper from freezer to refrig closes before letting refrig get to its temp.

  46. Please help. I was calling out for paint repair on a lady GE refrigerator side by side. The evaporator coils are frosted over and it would not go into defrost. I tested the thermistor and the evaporator coil thermistor I was reading 1300 ohms. I replace that thermistor and now the display on the freezer door will not come back on and the compressor will not come back on either. I had a new control board with me and I installed it and everything came back on and works fine. The problem is she thinks that I was being deceitful and intentionally did something to her board. The only thing I did was replace the thermistor. Now she wants to take me to court but I did nothing deceitful to her refrigerator. I tried putting her old thermistor back on and the refrigerator still will not come back on.

  47. My GE profile model PD22MBWAWW stopped cooling, both refrigerator and freezer are warm. The lights are on but the control unit does not come on, the compressor is not turning on. The unit is less than 10 years old and has never given me problems before. Any suggestions you may have will be greatly appreciated

  48. I have a GE side by side. 6 years old. Fan inside is working on both sides(freezer/fridge). Fan on back of fridge is working that cool compressor. Compressor is working… Yet.. I can’t get fridge to cool. Any ideas why?

  49. Hi. first of all thanks for the helpful web site.I have more than 5 years old GE profile side by side. Recently we hear bad noise from the back of freezer and then suddenly the dispenser stopped working and after that all the device shut first we saw the check sign at the inside LCD of frigid. we call the technician (we live in Iran and we have not access to GE after sale service) .They repair our main control board and after that the Evaporation fan make noise. we called another technician and again they repair the board and changed the fan and defrost part. now the freezer temp goes down and up in 3-5 degrees . it’s set on -18 degree but it goes to -16 suddenly and then it goes -19. This process lasts 5 hour.

    What we should do?

    thank you for your kind attention.

    Model No: PSE25NGTJCWW Origin: Mexico

  50. i have a Ge French door bottom draw freezer. it constantly is building up ice in the freezer on everything . I draw closes perfectly so its not from being left open . Any ideas?

  51. frig is at 41 degrees . what can be the problem and do I need to throw out all the food? also my daughter has been living with us and she leaves the frig open while she is using items from the frig

  52. GE side by side – interior lights work. nothing else comes on – compressor, ice maker, water/ice dispenser, control panel.

  53. My GE Monogram side by side’s fridge won’t go below 45, the freezer is 0, I turned the whole thing off for 3 days to allow anything to defrost – no luck, the problem is still there. Any ideas?

    1. The air should be able to free flow from the freezer to the fridge. Make sure that air flow is not blocked. This can happen when you have a very full fridge or large items near the passage ways.

  54. Hi my side by side frig isn’t getting cold. There is an electronic flap that wont stay open. Not sure how to fix it.

  55. I have GE side by side, freezer is 40 and fridge is 50, the lower coils are frosted, heater has 0 ohms, thermostat has 0 ohms, freezer thermistor has 0 ohms, evaporator thermistor has 0 ohms, compressor runs, coils are clean, freezer fan blows, compressor fan blows, what now?

  56. I have a GE side by side. Model#GSS25KSTA SS. The water option on the door to fill a glass gets stuck on the running position. This causes water to keep shooting out onto the floor. What might need to replaced to ensure that the water stops immediately after the glass is removed from the dispenser.

  57. You have no idea how frustrated my wife and I are with our GE Profile bottom Freezer unit model PFSS5NJW. GE and this unit have caused and cost us more stress and money than I care to get into. Bought in 2008, and today was the last straw. Going to buy a new unit, please share decent recommendations?? We have a cheap 300 unit downstairs as a backup that has been working like a charm or I should say works like it’s supposed to work like when I was a kid growing up and we have the same refrigerator for 25 years with no issues.

    1. I’m not sure i have a specific recommendation. I would look for a name brand that is SIMPLE. Most issue we hear about are with things like ice/water dispensers. The fewer “features” the less to go wrong down the road perhaps.

  58. My GE profile Arctica refrigerator is not working.
    Interior light is on, noting else is working.
    Control panel is dark.

    Recently had a power outage.
    Is there a fuse or reset button?
    Or do I need to replace the control panel?


  59. We bought a new GE refrigerator on March 28th , 2015. One year from the date , the control panel went and had to be replaced. Today we come back from the cottage and all meats in the freezer are thawed out and the control panel isn’t lit up. Do you think that there is some other problem that is causing the control panel to go? Should we get rid of the refrigerator? We certainly can’t rely on this one

    1. If you can fix this one I would give it one more go. I too have a cottage. I try not to leave too much in the fridge when I’m not there. I’m more concerned about power outage and having something spoil. Trick I learned recently. Put a cup of water in the freezer, before you leave for an extended period of time put a penny on top of the ice. If you return and the penny is at the bottom of the cup you know everything was out long enough for that ice to melt. Simple!

  60. My side by side refrigerator model QSS25Xsna BS had frost build-up on the ice shoot in side door and the service man replace the ice disp. solenoid and flap, that ok now but the fan motor dose not stop running and ice build-up on the back below the light, asked the service tack and he told me on some model the fan run without stopping. and the frost would go away when it goes into the de-frost mode. after a month its still there.

  61. my ge side by side fridge and freezer is less than 2 years old and for the past day or 2 I noticed my ice make only stopped making ice. I am not a very hand guy, so is there an easy solution to fix it without spending lots of money for repair.

    1. The easiest fix, it may or may not work, but its easy. Unplug the fridge until it reaches room temperature then plug it back in again. You will need to plan your shopping around this and find a cooler to put perishables in, etc. Let us know if this works.

  62. Hi my Frigidaire FRS23H5ASB6 cools the fresh food side, well 38 deg but freezer is only at 17-25 coil freezes up at top, checked heating coil (good cont.), defrost thermostat opens and closes ( checked with meter, with ice and dryer method ) compressor runs but dont feel any warmth under the front vent (which I am usually used to, its actually cool ) and when I turn freezer control knob to 5-6 temp seems to warm, drop down to 3 and it seems to cool to the the lowest of 16 deg, took my temp gun and placed in blow hole to the ice maker and get a -2 deg reading, and all fans working properly, would appreciate any other suggestions , my next step was to recharge compressor but was told it was a sealed unit and I can not lose freon.
    Thank you

  63. GE side by side GSS25JSR – both sides got warm, fan seem to be running low, heard a low hum. Ice was melty, and leaking down the front and back of Ice bucket. Removed panel inside freezer, the coils was NOT frosted over. I turned off the Ice maker.. a couple days later, the freezer and fridge is cold again and working. So I turned on the Ice maker, and a day later freezer and fridge got warm again, and again the ice bucket started dripping water. I turned off the icemaker through out the ice. A day later everything is working right. Its been four days now, I have NOT turned the Ice maker back on, and the fridge and freezer are cooling perfectly. There seems to be something about the Icemaker….

    1. The fridge in this video acted similarly but with the light, not the ice maker. The issue was the main board. My understanding is the boards are as scarce as hens teeth. Sorry i don’t have a good answer for you. Maybe this is your answer (if you don’t want to call a pro)
      Ice Cube trays

      1. Thank you for the quick reply… As long as the Fridge & Freezer work, I can leave the Icemaker off… Its a 2004 model, 13 years old, never had any issue with it until now. Thanks again…..

  64. I have a GE 42″ s/s. It’s in a vacation home in Mexico. I empty the freezer and turn off the ice maker when leaving. When I return, the freezer is -1 and refridge is 37. After a couple hours, the freezer goes up to 10-14 degrees and no ice is made. I’ve checked this a number of times. Seems when temps get above 10-12f , the ice maker doesn’t work. After 2-3 days the temp goes down and ice maker works. Can the problem be the warm water that sits in the water supply lines ? I’m sure it’s close to 80-90 as the summer temps are pretty high. Thanks. Appreciate any insights

  65. GE side by side. GSL25JFXNLB. condensor fan works, evaporator fan works, all 3 temp. sensors work. Compressor cycles on and off (current) but only for a very short time (3-5) seconds. Any ideas. Coils are clean and free of ice

  66. I have a side by side GE Profile fridge that stops cooling both sides periodically. When the temp starts to raise I would turn off the fridge (on the digital thermostat) for 15 min. and turn back on. This would solve the problem for a few weeks. Recently when I have turned off the fridge and turn back on it will not get cold. Is this a thermostat issue?

  67. I’m pretty stumped! I am trying to find the work flow for my GE GSH25JSXJSS Refridgerator, in particular, how does the Refrigerator side get cooled. It has a thermister to monitor the temp, with is traced to the main control board. I do not see any coils behind the back wall, so what is the thermister controlling? There is a square hole at the top behind the light and in the same location as the thermister, but there is NO FLAP to control how much air passes between the freezer and refridge. What is being controlled by the thermister? My freezer is working perfect and the refrigerator side is not cooling at all except for the small amount of air that passes at the top. I hope someone know how this side by side GE refrigerator works.

  68. In addition, I forgot to mention, i have replaced the main board, thats not the problem. I will be replacing the thermister tomorrow and update this post.

  69. Our GE side by side PS123NGPA BB is not working. Our ice melted along with our food in the freezer. I reset it to off and put it back on. I changed the water filter too. I woke up and found both settings on 69. What do I do?”

  70. I have a GE SxS Model number PSS26PSSASS. It is not cooling and I initially thought it was the defroster thermostat because it failed the continuity test. I replaced that and it did not solve the issue. Now I believe I have it narrowed down to either the motherboard, the inverter that plugs into the compressor, or the compressor. The fans all seem to be working, as well the lights and all controls. I tested the DC current from the motherboard on port j15 and was getting a reading of 11.7. I have 120V coming from the power source to the inverter. I unplugged the inverter and tested the 3 prongs on the compressor getting a consistent reading of 7.0-7.3 ohms on all 3 prongs. If I plug it back in it seems like the compressor starts running. I later checked the j15 port again and had a reading of 0 DC current consistently. I short time later I checked it again and had a reading of 11.7 and then it seems as though the compressor starts again. So the reason I am down to these 3 parts is because I am not real sure the compressor is running at full strength as it seems very quiet and almost seems like it is hardly working, even though I had a consistent OHM reading from it. The motherboard has me confused because why did I have a reading of 11.7 and then later on I didn’t and then I did again later. As for the inverter I am just not sure. Any advice, thoughts or tips? Maybe I am headed down the wrong path…

  71. Main guy talks over his colleague a lot and corrects him way too often, rude vibe I’m getting. Let the other guy express his opinion too, he seems very knowledgeable.

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