Generac Automatic Generator Transfer Switch

Generator Transfer Switches Interlock Devices

The Handyguys continued a discussion from an earlier episode on generators. Paul wanted to follow-up with the methods for connecting a generator to your electrical system. Generator transfer switches and manual generator interlock devices are discussed on the show.

Generator Transfer Switches

Manual transfer switches

Generac Manual Generator Transfer SwitchManual generator transfer switches are best suited for use with portable generators. Essentially you just throw the switch, plug in your generator and start it up.

Automatic transfer switches

Generac Automatic Generator Transfer SwitchAn automatic generator transfer switch is usually used for standby generators that switch on automatically. They are also the most expensive type of transfer switch and the most complicated to install. They are usually installed by the electrician who installs the standby generator.

Interlock devices

Generator InterLock

A manual interlock is the cheapest method of switching over from the utility grid to your generator power. This interlock from is available in many states and they have versions that fit the most common electrical panels.

There is discussion of the pros and cons of using the cheaper interlock method instead of the more typical generator transfer switches. Listen to the podcast for details.

Brian’s paint color dilemma

The Handyguys wrap up by changing the subject to discussing picking paint colors. Brian asks listeners to send @handyguys a tweet with a color for his master bedroom. The first color suggested on Twitter may be used when Brian paints his bedroom. Yikes!


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  1. I know I’m too late to tweet the color. Hope you are done with painting your bedroom now. Great post on Generator Transfer Switches. Thanks for sharing this post!!!

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