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East Coast Earthquake Safety Tips

earthquake scream

Earthquake Safety Tips There was an earthquake on the east coast today (8-23-2011) which prevented the Handyguys from delivering their weekly audio webcast. It is not completely uncommon for earthquakes to hit the mid-atlantic states*, including our own Pennsylvania, so we decided to feature important east cost earthquake safety tips: When building shakes, run immediately for exits.  Scream if able. Panic. Drive […]

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Dust Collection and Resiential Sprinkler Systems


How should the do-it-yourselfer handle dust? When the handyman moves inside to cut and sand wood, a major hazard exists with all the dust that is accumulated in the air and potentially in your lungs.  The Handyguys talk about how to control dust from ruining your day and potentially your life. In order to protect […]

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Choosing A Small Trailer And Eliminating Skunks

Skunky Trailer

Avoiding skunks in your yard and an answer to “Does a handyguy need a trailer?” We cover both topics in this show. Skunks Skunks, how do you get rid of them? Don’t give them a reason to come into your yard. Make sure you don’t leave anything around for them to eat, dog or cat […]

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